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  • @JJ_Wolf (US1) You may wish to develop your fishing area as quickly as you are able (if you have not all ready done so). Fish are one of the best sources of cash in both the early and late games. Participating in the fishing hard work events can reward you with fishing vessels that your level may not yet allow you to build…
  • Thanks for the info folks. I'm a pretty active player, since I'm retired, but I've never run into a situation where it was useful for anything other than apples the way I mentioned. I've never run into a situation with cherries, peaches, or almonds that the still too long time for those with speed fertilizer can't be…
  • It doesn't take from your barn because its designed not to. The points are awarded only for what is harvested during the time that product request is active. It would be much too easy to game this contest if you could use what was in your barn. I just plant what it wants and if it over fills my barn I just auto sell the…
 No. Speed Fertilizer.
  • @Heather Norsk I am one of the players that like that there is a variety of events to choose from. There is always some thing to do even if that is simply to improve your various farms. That said there is not enough time or resources to participate in all of them at one time and so I must pick and choose which of the…
    в slow missions Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 16.11.2021
 It doesn't work for diamond flowers in the various Dreamworlds.
    в Sunflowers Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 16.11.2021
  • My lab sits idle. I haven't used it since they introduced catalysts. I get all my special seeds as rewards from events, green theme boxes, and from the nursery. If you want to earn experience faster its much more effective to upgrade Matilda's farm academy.
  • I sent a bug report in to support when I first started playing. They said it wasn't a bug. They said that the assignments are random BUT in my experience that is not so. If I do well in a farmers league the next time I seem to be paired with players that are MUCH higher level than I am and when I do poorly on a farmers…
  • If you upgrade your orchards (and buy the handbooks for the orchards) you'll get more leaves. Leaves and dung can't be sold. They can only be turned into humus and fertilizer respectively.
    в Leaves Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 18.10.2021
  • You can get special seeds for regular crops from the nursery (if you build one) or the laboratory (if you build one and have catalysts). You can win special seeds in the farmers league, by spinning the wheel, and in the worldwide championship. They come in green theme boxes. Seeds for the greenhouse come as rewards for…
    в Seeds Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 18.10.2021
 +1 on this for me. I'm not liking the missions version at all. There is no point joining DW coop so meeting new people doesn't happen and It takes far too much online time to earn the rewards. I'm sitting that one out going forward.
  • I once saw a very high level player who had nothing on their farm but, houses, cows, a water tower, and a windmill. He bought wheat to turn into cow feed and he harvested milk twice a day. That seemed like a waste to me since he would have all that dung piling up not being used to make fertilizer.
  • I wish they would get rid of the Tessa's Mission event and go back to regular Tessa's. My wohle point of playing Tessa's is to get to interact with players from other Coops but there is no real advantage to joining a Tessa's Coop for the missions event. You can't really afford to spend the copper moons for research in the…
  • I like this idea too. I think the special flowers should be used to make new additional bouquets on the flower farm that are then wanted by the people that offer contracts. Perhaps even a special contract section just for the flower farm like we have for the Fishing region or requested by the captain that wants products at…
  • I like that there is always some event going on. Rewards for me are just gravy, of course I always try to maximize my rewards so I get more out of events than some people do.
    в brrrrr leaves Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 28.09.2021
 I concentrated on Fishing early in my Big Farm experience. Selling fish gives me all the farm dollars I need to both upgrade my main farms and play the temp farms.
  • I still get far more SS from using the nursery than I need. The lab is pretty much redundant for that. The worthwhile functions of the lab are much higher level now and are gated by the time it takes to get the right catalysts. The lab is not something I'll be upgrading or using for quite some time to come.
  • I get the vast majority of my tool boxes from completing Worldwide Championship tasks that award them.
    в tool boxes Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 07.09.2021
  • в RedGene Коментар от Grandpa Squeak (US1) 07.09.2021
  • Caveat. The larger your fish pond the more pellets per hour are used. My coop upgraded our pond and the number of players we have means that most of the higher level players spend all their time making gold fish pellets just to keep the pond from emptying. You may want to make sure that you don't over expand your pond.