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  • Thanks Data King. Managing my decos is a challenge. My decoration valley is almost full. I do use Greta a lot to demo/upgrade. Some of the decos are just too pretty to remove even though they may not have the highest happiness per square value. 
  • Thanks for the suggestions to check the village. No change in production costs, currently at -92%. Village pond okay too. Seems to be an increase in the cost of the edge plant seeds.
    в edge plant costs Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 21.01.2022
  • Thanks. I didn't undersand they had to be purchased in the trade center. I already have many of the decos owned and placed on my farms. I have about 175 decos still in inventory which I haven't yet placed on farms. Don't need to buy any more right now. Also have lots of decos stored on each of the farms. I really…
  • I haven't yet seen any "deco set" on any of my farms. I've stopped wondering. 
  • Good discussion. After I just recently unlocked the Obsidian Farm I didn't notice the farm tasks had changed. Not sure when I'll have enough obsidian to complete the farm tasks in the Main Farm quest book menu. Always something new to learn ... patience most of all.
    в missing daily quests Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 11.11.2021
  • I did try to be optimistic about the new version of Tessa's dream world. My worst event ever. Lowest rank, least diamonds earned. I really hate doing missions and it was especially tough trying to participate in the regular farm co-op events and do missions in TDW. Feeling sad.
  • Does anyone know if, or when, this new version of TDW will give credit for buying land as a side-bar task?
  • An age-old marketing adage ... it's easier to retain customers than get new ones. The only thing that has been a benefit to me since the lab "upgrade" has been the jam factory (once I got it to max level), Most everything else makes it much harder for me to get XPs. I've been playing for roughly 5 years; level 379. I'm…
  • Feel a bit like a broken record. The lab changes are affecting so much in the game. I'm at level 372; been playing for years. Started out not buying gold, but changed over time. I'm on fixed income so paying for a game takes a big bite out of my budget. Not being able to make any premium feed or seaweed fertilizer affects…
I'm waiting. I've been playing for almost 5 years. Not inclined to play much longer based on the January changes. So sad. I have many virtual friends here.
  • again ... mystified. being asked to fill boat with jams that I can't make until i upgrade the jam factory to at least level 5. I won't be able to do that for days. These January "changes" sure are taking all the fun out of the game. Can't fill the boat so I miss out on XPs, horseshoes and farm dollars. I have been playing…
  • another huge disappointment GGS. The lab is now nothing more than the nursery for special seeds which I do not need right now. I need to be able to make premium feed and fertilizers. And about the jam factory. Mandatory to build to be able to fill the boat to the boat. I need apple jam and can't even buy it to fill the…
  • I will miss the chance to participate in a truly international dream world co-op. We had a great list of worldwide players that collaborated on research and helped each other improve each time the event occurred. Not so sure Greta's dream will be as much fun. I love my regular co-op but really looked forward to Tessa's…
  • Tonight Sun 25Oct2020, at about 8:15 pm EDT, the problem spontaneously was "fixed." I have no idea why. I had previously tried clearing the cache & cookies followed by a reboot (not a screen refresh) which did not resolve the problem. Hopefully it will continue to function properly.
    в selling products Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 26.10.2020
  •  function working properly on my desktop using Win7 and Chrome; does not work on notebook with Win10 and Chrome.
    в selling products Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 25.10.2020
  • Thanks for your quick reply. I love playing Big Farm. Just have to take a deep breath when the problems occur. It is, after all, only a game.
    в selling products Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 25.10.2020
  • widespread problem. doubt the screenshots will help. happens when I try to transfer products as well. Super inconvenient. I'm shutting down the game for tonight. As a former programmer, this type of glitch shouldn't happen. Big sigh.
    в selling products Коментар от Barb66 (US1) 25.10.2020
  • Happens all the time. Yes. I have cleared the cache. Started a couple of weeks ago. Game is also freezing. This is the only program/application that appears to have a problem. Annoying, and suspect it is a coding issue. Not enough of a problem yet to be seriously frustrating. Since it happens on two different PCs, desktop…
  • Wow. GGS has done it again. Another change which makes playing the game less fun. Not to mention investing real money less appealing. I have over 2000 XP booster hours. Like the others that have posted, we all have worked hard to get the boosters. There should be some serious compensation forthcoming.