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  • The keeping of diamonds should be looked at. We shouldn't lose any because of losing places in ranking. If that is the case then why should anyone but the person in 1st place ever play Dream World? They are the only one who really wins in this game. Everyone else loses some of their hard work because they require sleep.…
  • Thank you for your quick response @TiminuTufu. I have NEVER received an answer so quick before. :) Mind you I have rarely EVER received an answer on any of my questions in the past. So a big thank you to you. :) On the note of players getting ahead of me overnight should NOT take away any diamonds I have won by buying land…
  • I have kept quiet on this subject but not today. :(( Last night when I logged off from Dream World I noticed that I had 2000 blue diamonds. Today when I log on I am down to 1859 diamonds. Where have the rest gone?? Why have they gone?? This is not the first time I have noticed that the amount of diamonds has changed.…
  • A dog lover here. :) A bit disappointing you love cats but hey, you can't be all bad. You love animals & so do I. lol Welcome, welcome, welcome. @TiminuTufu
  • Why did dream world end with 16 hours left on the timer? It shouldn't have gone until late tomorrow 3/3/20. If there is a timer then it should run until it reaches zero. Not fair GGS. I hadn't even started to demolish. That was a job for the morning. Bad bad organization. :( @WascallyWabbit
  • Latest different times: Why???? @WascallyWabbit @RowdyRac
  • Still 2 different end times. Nothing has changed.
  • Down to 45 hours now. :/ I think.
  • @"Braley (US1)" after 30 minutes anyone can start a challenge in the Village fair.
  • I didn't even see a timer for the cc. :(
  • It's happening again @WascallyWabbit. The timer shows different times again. The top clock on the right side says there are 73+ hours left (3 days). But the week 1 payout clock shows only 2 days left. That's what happened last time. So which time is correct that dw will end?
  • Thanks @WascallyWabbit let's hope it has been fixed.
  • @"Southerndelite (US1)" @"Uncle John (GB1)" @"Farmer Deb (US1)" , you may not see any reason for demolishing dream world but for those who still have a couple of plots of land to buy it is necessary. You all have missed my point of the event finishing while 16 hours were left on my timer. I had almost finished my final…
  • I did not receive the reward notification after DW finished. It's not in the rewards & gifts. Nor do I know if I received any rewards I won. :(
  • You can use the Landscape Architect (purple van in the carpark) to upgrade your decorations. You upgrade the happiness of the decoration. I've chosen the decoration with the highest happiness & I upgrade it at least twice each time the van arrives.
  • Please bring back the old barn setup with the pages rather than scrolling. I can't find a blessed thing now. :( It takes far too long to find things. At least with the pages you knew what was on which page. I don't know of anyone who asked for that change so why do it? It worked fine the way it was.
  • I think it was a visual/graphic error as all of my bees had gone also. So I planted sunflowers overnight to recoup what I thought I had lost but lo & behold in the morning all bees were present & accounted for before I harvested my sunnies. At least I sold the sunnies so all good. :)
  • Since the update hovering over fields, stables etc does not let me see any time remaining, can't collect anything from the bubbles over peoples' heads & collecting is soooo slow. I sometimes can't use the mouse wheel to scroll to see things up close. Very frustrating. Logging out & back in again sometimes helps but more…
  • I don't like the new setup. I prefer the pages rather than scrolling down when the game is so slow. Again, don't fix what's not broke. Fix what is broken.