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Bug - Not enough money when buying a building or land, producing etc.



  • feedeslunes (FR1)feedeslunes (FR1) Posts: 82
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    Même après reconnexion? 
    Car j'avais un problème et après reconnexion, je ne l'avais plus 

    Google translation:
    Even after disconnection?
    Because I had a problem and after reconnection, I was not

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  • Cannot get back to original farm......how come? It says user name invalid. Have I lost all my progress, and need to start over???? Bumming here......
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    Cannot get back to original farm......how come? It says user name invalid. Have I lost all my progress, and need to start over???? Bumming here......
    I see that you have a level 36 farm on the US server. Make sure you change the server at the bottom of the log in screen to United States.
  • BJR2121 (US1)BJR2121 (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    It was supposed to cost $10,000 to build the powerhouse tractor.  I got it for free.  Never charged me.  I'm not complaining, but you might want to check this.  Also had another in my coop build it to double check.  It didn't charge her either.
  • isadudu (FR1)isadudu (FR1) Posts: 204
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    justement impossible de me reconnecter

    Google translation:
    just unable to connect

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  • Leonardus (FR1)Leonardus (FR1) Posts: 69
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    Vide les caches. Ca peut jouer.
    Ca fonctionne maintenant ?

    Google translation:
    Clear caches. It can help.
    It works now?

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  • isadudu (FR1)isadudu (FR1) Posts: 204
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    ne me reconnait plus
    tant pis

    voilà enfin pu y retourner
    plutôt sympa pour l'instant
    perso j'aime bien

    Google translation:
    does not recognize menever mind
    that is finally able to returnquite nice for nowI personally like


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  • Yes got the same error...need to add gold when I had plenty for the task.

    Also why must I buy "real gold" for a "test farm".... something is just not right about that ! How about a "test bank" where we can purchase gold or sign for it someway,,,,after all this is only a TEST !

    I hope you can fix that biggest bug of all....the purchase of REAL gold for a TEST farm.

    Thank you,
    test farm

  • simona115 (IT1)simona115 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 214
     when I go to expand the main house and I want to use dollars I tell me that I do not have enough gold
  • NoddyShepherd (DE1)NoddyShepherd (DE1) Posts: 1,102
    edited 18.08.2016
    when buying land it keeps coming up as do not have enough gold but im clicking on the cash to buy it 
    Hiya Smidgett. :)

    Whenever you get the message that you don't have enough gold to buy something, please refresh your game. The dollar balance shown often doesn't correspond with your real dollar balance since some actions (e.g. upgrading farm machines) are registered in the game but not deducted from your dollar balance. Once you refresh you'll see that you don't have as many dollars as you think. Noddy.

    Eu fui produzir adubo no silo e quando apertei para iniciar a produção apareceu a caixa de "Ouro insuficiente(s)".
    Hola Samantha_Leite. :)

    Espero que entiendes un poco te castellano. "ouro insuficiente" es un mensaje que aparece cuando tienes que cargar el juego de nuovo. El estado de cuenta de dolares no es actualizado propriamente. 

    I hope you understand some Spanish. "ouro insuficiente" (= "not enough gold") is a message that is displayed when you need to refresh/reload your game. The dollar balance is not updated properly. 

    Buona suerte. :) / Good luck. :) Noddy.

    If you go to upgrade or buy buildings or anything it is taking gold even though you hit money. I finally realized this after it told me i didn't have enough gold. It is trying to take 3500 gold to upgrade a chicken coop to lvl 2. unfortunately I had done several property purchases deco's and the chicken coop and lost most of my gold suply the gold.
    Hiya Teresa. :)

    The dollar balance shown is not updated correctly, e.g. when you upgrade a farm machine. Chances are that you don't have enough dollars to upgrade your buildings. Before you attempt to upgrade a building or buy something, refresh your game to check if you really have enough dollars. I can't check if there is a message that you're using gold since I hardly have any, but have received the "not enough gold" message several times. After I had refreshed the game, I always found out that I didn't have enough dollars to buy whatever I was trying to buy. I hope this helps. Noddy.

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  • When I try to purchase the 2nd house I get an error message
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    Looks like you may not have enough cash to do the action. Try logging out clear your browser history then log back in. Check to be sure you have enough cash and try your purchase again ;)
  • I can't build a cowshed.
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
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    It looks like you do not have enough farm dollars to do this action

    Also check to be sure you are at a high enough player level to do the action with farm dollars instead of Gold

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  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
     when I go to expand the main house and I want to use dollars I tell me that I do not have enough gold
    Try refreshing the game also be sure you are a high enough level with enough farm dollars available to do the action.
  • I tried to unlock a new territory for 15 200$. System message : "You don't have enought gold for this action"
  • If you want to spend dollars on anything (building, improving, producing, buying land) and the system says you don't have enough gold, please reload the game. The amount of dollars displayed doesn't reflect the real amount on your account.
  •  Anyone else having issues. ?
  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,665
  •  Did that numerous times Fiona
  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,665
    for me it is a bug already known.
    sometimes it does not.
    I hope that solve, dennison.
  • TheRubinho (PT1)TheRubinho (PT1) Posts: 55
    edited 19.08.2016

    After buying from the market guy (it was 1 humus for 2k dollars) i got negative money.
    It shouldn't have let me buy from him :)

    Edit: It went to normal after i reloaded.
  • This happens to me too, i.e not being able to plant and getting the "you don't have enough gold" message.
    This happens mostly when i am upgrading something.
  • My not let me harvest the apples, I tried to sell them to restart the game and nothing, and I happen des yesterday
  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,665
    edited 20.08.2016
    anche io ho problemi con le mele.
    ieri con il magazzino pieno non riuscivo a raccogliere le mele.
    cosi vendevo dal magazzino una parte delle mele o totalmente e riuscivo a raccogliere dal meleto.
    oggi io ho un altro problema con le mele.
    se il magazzino è a metà prodotto non riesco a raccogliere.
    devo svuotarlo completamente, se lo svuoto a metà non riesco a raccogliere.

    I also have problems with apples.
    yesterday with the warehouse full I could not pick apples.
    so the stock was selling part or all of the apples and I could gather from the orchard.
    Today I have another problem with the apples.
    if the stock is half product I can not collect.
    I have to empty it completely, if I empty a half I can not collect
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  • Bysel (NL1)Bysel (NL1) Posts: 79
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    I didn't use gold....and had money enough BUT.......I noticed another bug that makes this happen.....:
    I have to double click to redecorate the farm to make space.....after reloading the game everything is back in its old place and have to redecorate again to make space. Somehow the system doesn't save the new setting.

    can't pay off with gold....says I have no gold enough, but there is plenty

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  • Retro Classic does not upgrade from level 2 to 3
    is asking "Not Enough Gold"
  • Rideon10 (US1)Rideon10 (US1) US1 Posts: 12
    edited 23.08.2016
    Tried to complete the decoration task by adding my 11th decoration but I get a window opening that says I don't have enough gold to complete the task. I am adding the decoration with dollars and I have plenty of those to do the build. Tried it twice and got the same results both times.

    I logged off and then back on a couple hours later, took care of a mess of stuff on my farm and ended up leveling up and then tried to add the same decoration and it worked. Don't know if you fixed something or it was one of the things I did, but who cares the decoration is in.

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