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Hall of Fame seems to be not well balanced

Just making a suggestion here: do not count the by-product and produced material contribution the same way you count the main edge plants like wood when you calculate donation regarding hall of fame. It's significantly easier to donate 1000's of wood than stone, sand etc.

It's just seems unfair, that those who make it to the donation page first and add all their woods will make it to the hall of fame, even if it didn't take much work to collect that amount of edge plant. I can plant all day long and still won't have over 100 sand for example so it doesn't reflect the work put into it very well in my opinion.


  • Scifi (GB1)Scifi (GB1) GB1 Posts: 78

    Perhaps the problem is that the Sand, Rocks and Clay are much too hard to get.

    I also have the problem that I planted Sunflowers, hoping for 8 hours of Sand production, only to have the timer go to Zero, after my first harvest.

    The mathematical balance is all wrong..

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