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Factory Profitability

Pietral (US1)Pietral (US1) US1 Posts: 163
With the production requirements/amounts given to us at a level 1 factory, the following recipes are not profitable when calculated in village dollars

Furniture Lumber
Mineral Wool
Water Tubes

Steel Beams
Reinforced Concrete

Now, I understand that as factory level increases, the material requirement will decrease and output will increase.  So maybe some of these recipes will become profitable by the time they are unlocked.  (I cannot test this, because there is no indication given of how much the requirements will decrease.)

But nails is a level 1 recipe.  I can sell the 4 poplar and the 4 rocks for 756 village dollars.  I can only sell the resulting 50 nails for 600 village dollars.  It's not required for any other recipe, so I can't write this off as a mid-production item with no market value.  The only possible reason to make this is if is needed to upgrade a building, in which case the sell price is a moot point since it's being donated.  Are we really expected to ignore the recipe until it becomes profitable with a high level factory?  And if so, why is this not hidden behind a higher level requirement?

And while I'm here, Cotton.  On a level 1 meadow, the most you can make is 240 when run with vanilla/aloe vera.  The seed costs for it is 40,000 village dollars (I'll ignore running costs since it's minor compared to seed costs)  240 cotton only sells for $31,680 village dollars, meaning I'm losing 8,320 village dollars in the best case scenario (more if I plant cotton with lavender/jasmine).  Once again, maybe it becomes profitable at higher level meadows, I don't know.  But it should be at least potentially profitable at all levels.


  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    On the subject of Nails,  this appeared to give every member of the co-op 50 Nails or am I deluding myself ?
  • Ela4 (DE1)Ela4 (DE1) DE1 Posts: 121
    I find this as confusing as the calculations with fishing and the fish restaurant recipes--all of these seem unprofitable to me. I like the new features, but I wish the pricing for getting the end product was somewhat like that in the bakery and the flower shop, that is, manageable and kind of understandable.
  • Pietral (US1)Pietral (US1) US1 Posts: 163
    On the subject of Nails,  this appeared to give every member of the co-op 50 Nails or am I deluding myself ?

    I assume you're looking at the numbers displayed in the warehouse?  The "cooperative amount" is just the sum total of what each member has.  So if you have 10 members and everyone has 50 nails each, then it would say 500/4500.  If you have 50 nails, but no one else does, then it would say 50/4500.
  • Scifi (GB1)Scifi (GB1) GB1 Posts: 78
    Does anyone know what 'Online Amount' is..?
  • the amount available to donate from all players who are online at the given moment.
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