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Rankings - "Sort by Achievement Points"

Hiya everybody. :)

The ranking "sort by achievement points" seems to be broken. All other rankings (both for "all rankings" as well as "this week" for "experience points" and "reputation") work fine!

When sorting by achievement points, my own name isn't shown in the list and I'm shown the very end of the list; currently there are 2,476 players listed. When I search for my own name (or the names of my coop members) I get a little pop-up saying "The player you are searching for is not in this list". Scrolling through the achievement levels in the ranking where I should be doesn't give me an entry either. A coop member tested the feature for me and ran into the same problem.

Since there is no "this week" ranking for achievement points, I suspect it is a bug. The ranking shows players between achievement level 1 (4 points) and level 30 (2,029 points) and since the test server only went back online today, I doubt that anyone reached achievement level 30 within a few hours.

The current top player in the achievement ranking has achieved roughly twice as many experience points as me "this week". I tried searching for coop members who have been online since the restart of the test server as well as for members who haven't been online yet, the result is always the same, so I haven't got a clue what is needed to appear in the list.

Love, Noddy.


  • Hey Noddy :)

    Earning new achievement points triggered it for me :) You don't even need to reach new level, just get to the next stage of any of the achievements :)

    Anyway there still is obviously a bug, thank you for reporting it! ;)

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