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Gourmet Farm: Reduced prices for plots?

Hiya everybody. :)

Has anyone noticed if the plot prices on the gourmet farm have been reduced tremendously recently? I'm pretty sure that I couldn't afford to buy more land the day before yesterday (I had 10 plots including the ones we were given when starting the farm) and was suddenly able to buy two plots today. The next one (number 13) would cost me $250,000, while I think number 10 cost something between half a million and a million dollars. Love, Noddy.


  • I was trying to get the 580'000 $ (if I remember right) needed for the next plot and seeing your comment, I just went to the gourmet farm and bought the same plot for 42'000 $, what a change of price :o
  • Me too. No explanation about this fact ? Let's enjoy !
  • feathy (GB1)feathy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 39
    I noticed that as well. Not going to complain since buying the plots cheaply makes it easier to find out what treasures might be hidden under the overgrowth, especially since the size of the farms are almost 50% bigger!
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