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Missing "skip building process for gold"-button in ring menu - bug or feature?

NoddyShepherd (DE1)NoddyShepherd (DE1) Posts: 1,102
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Hiya. :)

I just noticed that the ring menu, when upgrading the fence on the flower farm to level 2 doesn't give me the option to skip the building process for gold in the ring menu. While I didn't really want to skip, I was curious how much it would cost. It is still possible to find out how much skipping would cost or actually skip if I re-open the upgrade menu (using the arrow pointing upwards west in the ring menu).

Now I'm building a decoration from my drop-box; here, the ring menu does have the skip building process option (since obviously I cannot "upgrade" the decoration and thus don't have the option on the ring menu). Noddy.

Edit: Now upgrading chicken coop on the main farm to level 4 and the ring menu has a skip-button here, too.

Another edit: Removing undergrowth on the main farm also has the skip-button; the fence remains the only building (so far) that doesn't have the skip-button.
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