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Coop: Research Cost - graphic glitch

Hiya everybody. :)

I cannot check if this also happens on the live server, so if it's supposed to be this way, feel free to delete or close this thread, dear moderators and CMs. :)

The research we're working on was missing researchers and research costs to be able to start. I paid the coop exactly the missing amount to be able to start, but the costs ($435.000) were still shown in red in the research tab. Reloading the game didn't help (three of us tried).

When another member paid the coop an additional $3502, the research cost in the research tab went green (without restarting the game!). We'll keep an eye on this but I'm guessing there's a bug. Noddy.


  • Noddy, the same thing happened in our coop :) The number was still red even though we had enough dollars to start the research. Anyway.. I didn't care it was red, pressed the start button and it worked :sunglasses:
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