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[Suggestion] Cowshed & Pigsty: Production of quick feed shown on info tab

NoddyShepherd (DE1)NoddyShepherd (DE1) Posts: 1,102
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Hiya everybody. :)

The cowshed and the pigsty both show the amount to harvest for quick feed in the info tab. It happens both by trying via the ring menu as well as when opening the menu via the build menu. The product info tab has correct amounts for all types of feed.

It may just be my opinion, but as a new player I'd find it rather confusing to see that I can harvest 13 pigs every 70 minutes (pigsty level 2) but 34 eggs in 13 minutes (chicken coop level 2). Is there a way to add the number of pigs/milk to be collected when using normal feed, too, please? love, Noddy.
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  • Hey Noddy :) Yea, the main info tab hasn't been updated since we have the new crops. Only the second tab with the complete product info (just the numbers, not the text). It would need a little adjustment..

    The same for the cowshed of course.

    Thanks for pointing this out, this is a problem also on the live servers :)
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