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Fireworks Booster not working for CNY Event

The fireworks booster is not affecting drops for the Chinese New Year event. This means that we are collecting half of the chips we should be receiving. 

Here is a link to a post I made in February regarding drop rates for this event.


  • The fireworks booster affects only the drop rates of items in themed events. CNY is not one of these events ;) Let's just hope that the booster that tripled the amount of chips last time this event ran will show up :)
  • lisoo (FR1)lisoo (FR1) FR1 Posts: 529
    Hi everyone
    Yes black-.-angel it would be great.
    And something else, in order to multiply the zodiac cards we can roll the dice for 10 000 dollars !! It s too expensive considering we just began our farms and it s difficult to earn money right now.
    I know we re just here to test the new server but please give us a chance and let us have fun !!
    have a good day :)
  • NoddyShepherd (DE1)NoddyShepherd (DE1) Posts: 1,102
    edited 27.08.2016
    Hiya everybody. :)

    I didn't even notice that the fireworks booster isn't helping with the New Year Event. If this is not a bug but a feature, I suggest changing the hover text of the fireworks booster which at the moment says "doubles the number of items dropped on your farm during events" to "..... during themed events". That might reduce the number of complaints to support and on the live forums.

    What really puzzles me though is that if the fireworks aren't supposed to work for the New Year event, they are rather useless at the moment since there is no themed event (yet?). love, Noddy.

    Edit: I enjoy watching the fireworks, so they add to the fun and brighten up the farm. I mean "useless" in the sense of having a function for the game itself. ;)
  • smokingyo (FR1)smokingyo (FR1) Posts: 559
    edited 29.08.2016
    in fact, i still have 49 signs for a cherry orchad , it should be twice because fire works are still there!
    3 sign for chickens...it should be 6 as well....

  • It is intentional that the farmhouse fireworks do not affect the CNY event, however, the event should have its own fireworks, which apparently someone forgot to switch on. We are informed that they should now be active. Sorry for the delay. :)

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