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Hiya. :)

Donating dollars and gold to the coop doesn't work as it should. There is no way to enter the desired amount.

The default setting both for dollars and for gold is at 500. There are plus and minus buttons which will increase or decrease the amount by one and the only other option is a "maximum" button.

Trying to donate e.g. 10,000 dollars needs a lot of clicks (which would probably take forever). Alternatively, you can donate 500 dollars 20 times. This clogs up the chat window and takes far too many clicks if you're trying to donate a lot. Noddy.


  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,665
    try not to use full screen.
    or change settings in pc

    i hope

  • NoddyShepherd (DE1)NoddyShepherd (DE1) Posts: 1,102
    edited 22.08.2016
    Ciao Fiona. :)

    Thank you for being so helpful. :)

    I am not using full screen. :( Changing the amount works fine on my live account, so I doubt it has anything to do with the PC settings.

    Edit: I just spoke to a coop member and it works for her. I'll clear caches again and see if that helps.

    Edit 2: I cleared caches again (both Firefox and Flashplayer). The problem persists, but now also occurs on the live server. It seems to be a problem on my end so this thread can be closed or deleted. If anyone has any further suggestions, I'd appreciate an IM via the forum or on the testserver. Thank you very much in advance. Noddy.
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  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,665
    reload the page or clean cache flash player

    so I hope that helps
  • Your wish is my command :) Closed ;)
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