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[Opinion] Horse Ranch

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This may not be a bug, but I believe it was an oversight to not have a task or something else letting you know to visit the Horse Ranch. I had mining certificates and happened to visit the Horse Ranch out of curiosity. Once there, I found I could start the mine, which will open the Horse Ranch in 48 hours, when the mine finishes.

If I had not wandered there, I would not have accessed the mine or the horses.
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  • Big Beck (US1)Big Beck (US1) US1 Posts: 514
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    This isn't a bug, just an observation. I think the middle of the desert is an aweful place for a horse ranch.  Not close to feed or water. Terrible heat during the day will make training miserable.  The horses will be much happier on green pastures with the beautiful river flowing through.

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  • I like the ranch, but i think is too big and i like having my horses at my farm 
  • Also when on the horse farm and you have tasks there, you can go back to the task menue of the main farm, but you cannot go back to the task menue of the horse ranch again
  • Hi,

    The new horse ranch doesn’t like me. It’s so dry. I mean, the horses eat grass…. So I hope a lot of green and some flowers in the horse ranch.

    What do you think about it?

  • Jenni 1 (AU1)Jenni 1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 151
    I dislike the who horse ranch set up.  Everything is spread too far apart, the training arenas are too far from the stable and are too small - I can hardly see where my horse is.  There is a lot of room on that farm so there is no reason why the arenas cannot be made twice their current size
  • Locheia (FR1)Locheia (FR1) Posts: 102
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    The same goes for the boat.  The only way to see if the boat is there is to go on the main map or directly in the flower farm.
    Also, when I have the first boat task, nothing is showed in my main farm to tell me that I have a new task in the flower farm.  Just has I just mentionned about the mine in my previous post; 


    What i think eeke means, from the main farm, you cannot see the task available in the ranch has you can see the task available on the main farm from the ranch.  In other word, when I am on my main farm i don't see any task to be done on the ranch.

    Ok, i do see if the boat is coming or going in this window;

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  • The horse farm only opened at level 20 for me, not when my mine finishes, as my first mining hasn't finished yet. Once the tasks started I was told so on the main farm. So I don't think it is linked with the mine.
  • Пухарашка (RU1)Пухарашка (RU1) RU1 Posts: 409
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    Мне вообще НЕ нравится отдельная локация для ранчо! Было очень удобно на главной. Оставьте его там. Сократите количество земельки и ранчо верните на место!

    Google translation:
    Hello :)
    I do not like a separate location for the ranch! It was very convenient to the main. Leave it there. Reduce the number of zemelku ranch and return to the place!

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,705
    It looks like they are planning a real race track, so we can actually race our horses! Look in the centre.
  • lisoo (FR1)lisoo (FR1) FR1 Posts: 529
    Hi everyone

    It would be great to see that the horse training is "half price" in the main farm.

    I was checking my farm (because of the red exclamation mark always present on the map ) and only when I was in the ranch did I see that we had a "discount" !

    You could put it in the world map for example or a little horseshoe like it is on the main server.
    But everything is too much scattered, I prefer the ranch the way it is now, we have a better overview.

    Have a god day 


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