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Unable to Build/Place/Move/Assign or Buildings Moving Themselves - ANYONE STILL GETTING THIS??



  • aniri (DE1)aniri (DE1) DE1 Posts: 78
    I try to redecorate my farm, but every item i move, after reloading, is back to its old position.
    I tried it several times, no way, to move the items otherwhere.
    My other problem, the unvisible line when I want to fish.....

    greetings Rami
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    Be careful with that layout mode.
    The safest way to move stuff around on your farms is to start by removing a few decos for the room. Click on a deco then click on the green box that comes up in the ring/circle.
    Once you feel  you have enough room to move things around in, then go to the layout mode, carefully move the items around you want, click finish & save. Then put back your decos that you removed to be able to re arrange your farm. Not as likely to lose any decos that way ;-)
    If you get a "Bad position" error then try moving your main farm house or main cabin back to it's original spot, top center corner.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Was anyone unable to place decos, having buildings moving back to a previous position on relog or getting error code 13 (bad position) before yesterday, but now has it all working correctly?
  • I had a strange bug pop up today along these lines.  I bought a plot on my GF & cleared it.  When that was done, I tried to add a decoration to my FF & got an error message.

    Here's the cleared plot, but the construction slot did not clear.

    Here's the message I got on the FF when I tried to build a deco.

  • I was getting the same message. What I discovered is that the game is actually in construction mode so that may be why you are getting the error. After you place the item, refresh and you may see that you are deco are trying to place  is in the spot you wanted. This has happened to me about 4 times  
  • Berecza (SK1)Berecza (SK1) SK1 Posts: 95
    I bought on each farm land, it can not demolish or build
  • I bought on each farm land, it can not demolish or build
    Isn't your building slot occupied? Sometimes the construction in progress isn't displayed. Clearing cache didn't help either?
  • Donna Lynn (US1)Donna Lynn (US1) Posts: 1
    edited 19.11.2016
    When I sign out, my farm is not staying where I have arranged things.
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  • Try reading this thread its a know bug/issue, there maybe some tips/suggestions that you can try to see if it works for you.

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