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  • Nice weather out Spring is finally here and sunny and warm. Likely will be playing Online games less for a few months. Maybe a bit in the evening hours. As far as the two DREAM GALS Greta and Tessa done with those dream farms since you got to start over every time they end for awhile. Not worth the time or energy. Got…
  • This seems all too complicated to me I don't like things complicated not super computer saavy and so this friend thing is just a waste of time and energy. Not worth it to me. None of my friends I personally know are interested.
    Раздел: [Discussion] The NEW Friend Invite System Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 15.04.2021
  • Thanks I got it now and understand. But I am not going to be playing the Dream gals farms anymore it is too me a waste of time to build their dream farms up then they go away both Tessa and Greta and you start over. Waste of time and energy to me.
  • Oh how do I find that?
  • I have fulfilled 7 times the Dreamers Market 2 on Gretas Dream farm, and it still will not give me credit for doing it still remains 0/1 why is it not giving me credit for doing the Market Contract?
  • I have asked all my friends that might play and all declined. I am tapped out they are turned off by having to use funds to buy gold and most don't have great incomes so they do not want to join. I am out of options. Sadly one friend said not to send any more requests or they will block and unfriend me. This is not a good…
    Раздел: [Discussion] The NEW Friend Invite System Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 12.04.2021
  • Then how can I get things like Pineapple, grapefruit etc for the ships cargo. Thanks
  • Just fulfilled the 5th one with eggs and still did not get credit for it. I keep doing the required contracts but not getting credit it is not showing I completed the contracts at all.
  • Yes I am at a low level But I have no funds or anything in which to do any of the required missions or jobs 
  • It only shows One page to make apple Jam and no second page or alternative for cherry jam I checked the barn and have plenty of Cherries but can't make jam as no alternative to do that.
    Раздел: Unable to load some ship cargo LIKE Cherry Jam Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 12.04.2021
  • Not it is not grayed out it is just not even there at all.
    Раздел: Unable to load some ship cargo LIKE Cherry Jam Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 12.04.2021
  • I did not get all the tasks and I too did not get diamonds. Also why is it when the dreams in Greta or Tessa's dream farms do we have to start all over again with the farms. That seems really unfair and frustrating. And cannot do a lot when cannot gather crops or things as don't have the feed or things and always want us…
    Раздел: greta's world Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 12.04.2021
  • I will not spend one dime on getting fake so called gold to make these farms work Big farm is apparently 99% about making big money on the gaming not the game. It is not worth money at all NO game is. I can spend like $20 on a board game to play at home which includes family members interacting rather than real money on an…
    Раздел: Island WOF Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 06.04.2021
  • I loathe the Island Game cannot get enough funds to do hardly anything and EVERYTHING is extremely unrealistically over priced. I can't buy property at all. Cannot get food enough to feed animals. Cannot plant or put in orchards as never have enough funds. Cannot even make orange drinks etc. I HATE it. Stressful and not a…
    Раздел: Island WOF Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 04.04.2021
  • Been playing about two weeks only because Facebook is upgrading Farm Town which I have played since 2006 and I am finding this Big Farm way to overwhelming and the focus is on trying to get us to use real funds to buy gold for a stupid game. I have much better things to do with my money than buy gold for a game that is not…
    Раздел: There is to much going on at one time Комментарий от Gerrin (US1) 25.02.2021