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Been playing two weeks startiing to get a headache might just scrap it

Gerrin (US1)Gerrin (US1) US1 Postări: 20
GEEZ hello,  way to much stuff to do and it is not realistic at all.   Seems it is mostly trying to get you to spend real money for a game gold coin.  NOT doing that.    I don't even know why groups or what they are for.  Don't get the Co-ops nor how to do the collection stuff nor how to do the machinery tractor thing.    Ship loading is stupid has things to load you can't as have to build stuff or crops take What they hey 4-8 hours or not there at all to plant.      WILL BE glad when FACEBOOK gets FARM TOWN done upgrading so will go back there it is less stressful and less intense and a lot more fun that this.   Who created this anyway?  Have any of them EVER really been on or lived on or farmed at all?   Because some things are just not real or accurate .    I literally have a farm, chickens, goats, an orchard, flowers, animals and getting more come spring.  Got to put up new fence and build a new barn in real life this summer.     Farm Town on Facebook is more real than this stupid game which is way to much to do and way to overwhelming and takes way to long for anything to happen and the missions are not fair you have to upgrade something and it suddenly wants cow milk or pigs when it is taking friken 12 hours to upgrade HELLO that is stupid.  Or just planted crops for something and Misson wants you to plant something else the feilds are already with crops taking 45 minutes to over an hour and you got 25 minutes to do the Mission.    That is just inane    NOT happy
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