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  • You're welcome Morti, I'm glad it will help :)
  • Hi Morti :) The booster badges do not make a difference in this calculation. I can see from your pictures, that it is in fact the malfunction of the kite that is giving the difference in the end Rep Pts. The problem with the kite is not the same for every mission. Sometimes it malfunctions more or less than other times,…
  • "He participado en el concurso "Oktoberfest 2023"
  • Congratulations to the winners !! And thank you Rosy for this contest. I had never heard of this garden before and it was neat to explore it virtually :)
  • hi @Morti(SKN) :) on your farm, atop the right side pop-out menu is where your active boosters are listed. If you click on any of those boosters or even the block to the right of them, you will get a popup that shows all boosters in 1 screen
  • I had this same thing happen to me today, BUT after calculating it all out, it looks like I did still get my tractor 85% still, it was just added into the active bonus instead of normally being separate this only happened once today, but it was shocking to see
  • I have not kept track of when the WoF nor Omar has been appearing on the candy farm, so can't really say whether it's late or not. But, it seems like it may not always come the same time each event? Players have tried asking GGS before, but this is one of those things they seem to prefer to "not" tell us their plan or…
  • Thanks for this reference! Love how that time they were able to fix it in 1 day, but this time it has taken months. I wonder if it's the same error & someone could go back & see how it was fixed that time? YIKES ! So sorry AnnSophie, that's terrible ! Thanks for the heads up on this. I checked mine today, and so far my…
  • Yeah, mine is at 43%, but will function anywhere from (yes, negative) -10% to 42% most of the time. Every once in awhile, it goes the reverse and I might get one mission that gives 44% to 70%, but that 1 that gives more, in no way compensates for the many that give less RP that I should be getting. Regardless if it's more…
  • This thread may have only started the end of June, but if you look back to the 7th & 8th responses in this thread, it was noted that this was ongoing way before that. There was another thread that talked about this issue (I can not find that one) but the mod news bulletin dated June 9th had stated this bug was being…
  • Not a bad idea, but not sure how much use I'd personally get out of it. I seem to do just fine working shorter upgrades while I play, and the longer ones overnight. I can see it might be useful for lower level players when most all upgrades are shorter times.
  • I also noticed it wasn't on the calendar any more - - I am wondering if they will let it run on it's own and no longer pair with the fishing HWE? Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but it would be nice to know. 
  • FarmerJoe, I am in the exact same boat! I have rec'd that same response from support twice now, but each time I have tried removing & replacing the kite (& any other deco that boosts RP), I still get the wrong % of RP. Like you, I tried other things like after they were removed; I cleared cache, internet history, internet…
  • updated calendar also posted here on forum
  • NEIN!!Der Kalender ist immer noch erwünscht o:)
  • Mods are player volunteers, they can't be here 24/7. This is 1 of the few times I have yet to see a benefit to discord, in that we can get an answer sooner from mods from other servers, not just have to wait for when our own can be here ;)
  • this issue was reported twice, the other one was reported just 1 minute before this one, and can be found here; maybe they'll get merged The reason discord got a notification earlier was because it was from a German mod, not an EN mod - - here on…
  • yup, fishing rods to/from teammates used up for naught :( along with boats saved that could have been catching other stuff but we can't know the reason, there could have been some problem that we don't know about - it could have been a last minute decision not sure the reason matters, it's frustrating, but adapt & move on…
  • LOL - They did tell us to switch to discord - makes me so sad, this forum is soooooo much more user friendly IMHO, and I'll be so sad to lose the vast amount of info that's so easy to reference here ;( Also on discord, it was mentioned they do not yet know if any other events on the calendar have or will be changed, but…
  • here is a cc/paste of a note just a few mins ago from the German mod Bailey on discord, "the event-planning got changed, instead to the FHWE and the Village Fair we will only have the HWE which will also count to the Farmers League" I'm so glad that at least we know this one will stay running ;)