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  • E7 Happy Easter.....have no clue LOL
  • boo-hoo In a world of WOKE, ME TOO, and [removed] anyone can be blocked, banned and experience basic abuse. To answer your question of "WHAT IS GOING ON?" ....... NOTHING!!! is going on so long as you don't count COVID, the usual bombings and explosions in various locations on the continent, kidnappings and trafficking.…
  • @RosyStarling sorry but have no idea how to edit anything once I've hit the button. I'm not upset just incredibly amazed; also I'm not that rushed to care. The game has lost all its luster for me...sigh. Have a nice day; stay healthy.
  • OMG....One minute difference. The speed alone is spectacular!!! What??? Not done in seconds ??? Dream coop manages seconds for harvesting: can't believe how sloe reality is .... hahahahahahahah 
  • @RosyStarling thanks for the information.....sigh always gold & more gold. Will think about it...
  • sorry Rosy I did mean the saddlers workshop. sorry for misunderstanding on my part @RosyStarling
  • thanks Rosy...
  • thanks everyone; really appreciate information you gave. Am disappointed to know that so many layers to upgrading farmhouse. when did mainfarm become obsidianfarm? ... sigh...boohoo...more sigh
  • thanks [email protected] King and @"Alaa Ali 1 (INT1)" I knew it was somewhere but haven't been there for so long that I totally forgot. Again, thanks...
    w JOINING COOP Skomentowane przez ronin7 (INT1) 17.06.2021
  • yes easy to blame Chinese/China, but truth be responsible...maybe alien diseases coming from space which are hitchhiking on space debris falling from the skies. Still would have liked to play Chinese New Year event. Happy New Year.
  • found it; thanks
    w JAM ? Skomentowane przez ronin7 (INT1) 30.01.2021
  • of course there is a glitch; sometimes the pumpkins aren't even there to be found, seen just NADA definitely a no-show; doesn't matter how hard or diligently you search --- pumpkins are NOT anywhere. 
  • I'm glad to see everyone is going to make it with the pumpkins, decos & flag; on INT server it shows only a little over 10 hours remains so won't be getting my rewards. When my eyes get blurry trying to find pumpkins, it is time for me to retire from event. Too often just can't see them or they aren't even there. Good…
  • Once my eyes start either watering or things get blurry or feeling of oncoming migraine, I stop looking for the pumpkins. Not worth the time or effort or damage to eyes. This hunting game has become as frustrating as some other games that I use to enjoy but no longer do. I find myself playing the game for less and less…
  • I can't harvest anything in NorthernLightsFarm nor GourmetFarm; certain section won't allow harvesting. It's been a problem for 2 to 3 days now. What can be done? Thanks for any solution.
  • On my NorthernLightsFarm I can't begin harvest of anything...NOTHING. Some error box pops up and that's it. Is anyone else having this problem? It's been this way now for 2 days...maybe even 3.
  • I'm with @"DebRN (US1)"; I have a small coop with mostly 15 farmers who may or may not be talking. - most often not. To get this group to talk amongst each other is in the realm of miracles; a few talking is a major accomplishment; to have a few farmers even playing is a major accomplishment. Therefore, to have anyone…
  • yes it is very very very disappointing that no float is awarded...sigh!!! Also, there is way too much harvesting effort to get a mere flag as a reward. I'll not be flying that flag any time soon; I have my favourites flying at the moment; and, am unlikely to be changing them. Again, a very disappointing event for just a…
  • thank you; looked at site, but was sad to see that float is not obtained after all that harvesting. really a crappy event ending. :( :( :(
  • bye WillyBigFoot --- stay safe; best in your new life; the forest animals & birds welcome you back
    w WillyBigFoot Skomentowane przez ronin7 (INT1) 07.10.2020