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  • No correct Coop ranking rewards. No reward for individual ranking. Can't help but feeling being cheated by this game a lot lately. As a player who believes in hard work, it's sad to see the hard worker event went from one of the best events to very broken. Please give us what we deserve. And please stop rolling out new…
  • Steve, Frida, Monica, Omar, Miss. Tentacle, Capt. Barnacle, Matilda, Johnny, Rita
  • I've updated my spreadsheet after today's (March 15, 2016) update. Image below and spreadsheet link at: As you can see: output for milk & pig with the new feed with today's update still yields slightly more output/min compared to the old feed (1.3x for pig &…
  • @Gin7 (US1) & jess_d (US1) Thank you for your kind words. ^^;; And TY Monica for letting me know about the post! :) Enjoy & pls feel free to let me know if any questions. ^^// Edit 3/15/16: New calculations done and uploaded after today's update:
  • Here's a spreadsheet on total production & production/min including the new feeds. Using fast feed clearly have # advantage - more than tripled vs regular cow & doubled vs regular pig. Chickens will remain a top producer of dungs/min & eggs/min. There are other discoveries in those data - I highlighted some. Have fun &…
  • Yay. Glad someone else finds those data helpful! (^^)v You are right that it's hard to keep up with all 3 orders, especially the 6 in organic market. I think once a strategy is formed for managing those 3 types of orders, the focus should be shifted to form a strategy for filling organic market orders that suits personal…
  • Love the event! ^^b One suggestion: please add a sound to the fireworks booster - very much like the barking sound when our dog is hungry, dings when things are ready to be collected, popping sound when there's a bubble over a farmer's head... Adding a sound, perhaps the sound of fireworks go off, will help alert us when a…