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  • Since the update that just took place the game stopped "knowing" what you planted last on the main farm for Violets and Roses. Wildflowers and corn (only ones tested) appear unaffected, but having to clicking on every single field, page over once, find the thing click on it, repeat, repeat, repeat is SERIOUSLY annoying.…
  • I'd make the argument that you might as well put it up for sale. The old system was harder to get the higher stuff (GML chain) but your produce behaved differently. Last version I could make one harvest of wheat from my 16 fields, go to work while it was putt putting along, come back, and at least be content that I made a…
  • Never going to happen. If you finished, you'd log off and leave. If you have to stay for 5 more minutes then now you're going to stay for 5 more because that "other thing" is soooo close. And then... Repeat. Then your going to spend the shinny, furthering the business.
  • I start work at 7 mountain time so I figured I'd be hosed for all eternity. I just logged on (at 1pm mountain), it gave me morning credit (I was on before 7 but not after), but not afternoon credit. I've had this inconsistency since they started the event. It doesn't seem to matter when I log on, I've logged on and off…
  • The boosters are a rip-off anyway. Save your coins up. I got an Irish Chicken Coop with some of mine, now I have enough for another one whenever they get around to offering it again.
  • Mine disappeared too which I find strange since I didn't have a problem with it.. Your "compensation" isn't; I restarted parts of my farm just to collect those darn charms that NO ONE can explain what a full cat tree does other than "like the dog". Keep your stupid tree, I'm not rebuilding it until maybe a developer can…
  • Make sure your fish-per-hour will allow your boat to fill in the fishing time available.
  • If it's cash you're after decline everything that offers anything else. The game's idea of what is "valuable" is seriously flawed. How much cash are they saying that 10,000 XP is worth I'm getting with my contract? I'd say an awful lot and what do you need XP for anyway? Anyone? Your coin is a prime example but the analogy…
  • You overfill the funnel as an individual task. You have to exceed 10 points per second to overfill. Once it is overfull you get a permanent +1 point per second to every other thing you harvest for the event. Your co-op *is* working together in the sense that their points are culminating as an entirely separate competition.…
  • No, the event didn't get pushed back, I was playing it when I posted. And getting 385 points per second means you would have to pay gold in rapid fire production to get the 10, just so you could pay gold to skip it. Then you'd have to repeat that process MORE than 385 times. Since 385 is the *average* and you'd have to go…
  • Yeah, I get that - it still has bugs. I'm *specifically checking* that I've logged in at the right times and still not getting credit. This is for the "morning" log-in and proceeding log-ins where I've already gotten credit for the preceeding time.
  • I've got this same problem. I watch the timer and (re)log in at the appropriate times and it still seems random. So I use the "sundial timer" thing - still seems ramdom on my credit. Sometimes I know I'm outside tolerances on both and then I do get credit? There is no pattern.
  • I'm not sure at what point I made any allusion to it not being just a game? We are working on getting more members and upgrading our farms. Levels - not so much, since they generally don't serve a purpose in the game - it's a carrot chase. A carrot chase on a treadmill. The co-op challenge game (and quite a few other…
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  • Every co-op has all the issues you've listed at one time or another. I've got two, exactly two (plus myself) level 50's in my entire co-op that are white or green right now. We're still managing a 92/45 spread. Not bad considering I've been completely removed from the internet for two 24 hour chunks of time during the…
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  • Well well, it's a small world. I'm to co-op Leader of this "pesky co-op"; allow me to clarify a few things for the community's perspective and put The Word in. First; the situation. Everyone that plays challenges is familiar with it; we were undefeated 22 times in a row (since the start) and then ran into you. I'm a level…
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