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  • Yuck!! Modern and useful menu?!!! Huge and Ugly It's more accurate...Instead of working on updates, you should start working on game improvements.The menu update really sucks 😞
  • :) Thanks for the help!
  • Problem solved :)
  • Maybe now they are making good money from these 'two peas' but I'm sure that in the longer run they will lose much more money from dozens of other players who will quit or stop investing money in this game (only in our cooperative there are more than 50 such people...) I don't think it is good for business ;-)
Dear Xxxy,None of us denies the fact that we love to win at every event :)At the same time, you know very well that we have no problem losing fairly and I don't remember that when we lost to you at the time at the village fair any of us complained against you about cheating.It's a matter of fair play!Who like you…
Yes, I have definitely considered the power of the various Boosters and the Booster Board Badges and it still doesn't make sense to me (their farms are not developed enough). I deleted the names from the screenshots and I upload them to you again: https://prnt.sc/1qeoso0 https://prnt.sc/1qeot02 See for yourself and…
  • I'm using Google Chrome browser and have the latest version and with the new version of HTML the graphics are blurred and takes the whole experience & fun from the game :( :( :( If the problem is not resolved and there will be no option to play with Flash, I will have to leave the game :'( The new version really does not…