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down the bottom of the HWE silo, it's where the booster shop is
My thoughts too artful, the developers had to come up with something & this is what we got (if it's not broke don't try & fix it), maybe they'd be better off looking through suggestions & see what people who play the game want. Getting rid of undergrowth is great for me, the time saved is worth the money lost, but not…
  • No trouble on Australian server, just checked, I've got 680k Co-Op's 28 million
  • The pig needs to be unlocked, mine was locked this morning, after collecting my fields of special W/F I got pig tokens enough to unlock the pig. I hope it helps
  • Thanks Ninja, I've become so disillusioned with all of Big Farm I nearly ready to give to whole thing away, I dislike the concept of of merging posts & not knowing where they went, after losing 100k of gold in Greta's DW 2 DWs ago no help from support, then the horseshoes, the trouble with the CC rewards, it's gotten to…
  • It's heartbreaking to find something so sacred end up in the forum trash can, but then this is the modern world, perhaps I should keep the thought to myself in future 
I sent my ticket in on Tuesday & all I've got back so far was a happiness survey, don't know if it's fxed yet
  • HAHAHAHA Well done Support Did I you my CC rewards, No I got a happiness survey, this getting well beyond a joke
  • Will only the players that contact support receive the due rewards, there's 48 members in our Co-Op, we were not in masters league this time, so add 2 more co-ops for 2nd & 3rd place & we're looking at 150+ to sort out. that's only on the Australian server, add the British, Dutch, Swedish & Greek servers & that make a heck…
  • No CC rewards on AU server either
  • Same here, not on apple production only on the decoration
It nearly worked instead of of missing 8000 horseshoes, tonight's boat was only down 1000, i contacted support once, still waiting on the 1st lot, maybe give boat & horse breeding away until it's fixed, if ever
Hi Dark, I've got 3 Chunky in my Chicken Chalet with 2 Irish & 5 Tropical in the other Chalet, Chunky Chickens are to big to have out of the chalets & upgrade price's & long construction times put them in it's not worth the effort class, with eggs I prefer duck eggs, much better return. I've got 9 Chunky & 32 Irish,…
Thanks John, I wasn't the target & only found out about this morning when I logged on, by then the damage was done, we have a fantastic leader who luckily was alerted not long after it happened & let everyone know before to much damage was done. George
    in Troll Commento di george3 (AU1) 23.10.2021
  • I found having one plot of land !0x!0 worth of non village happiness decos, mixed around where you like to to use then, when rearranging things non village happy decos can be put into storage & brought back out without the rebuilding time, when the Architect turns up, as Uncle John said dismantle what you don't need &…
Hi Mee, I passed it on to everyone your having trouble, maybe your not alone not many green lights showing. George
Hi Voila, It's sad to watch "the death of a thousand cuts" that's descending on our game, the increasing overload of events can been seen by the number players starting to lose interest, in the current CC our Co-Op is 1st in the Gold League 38 million points ahead of 2nd, at 9am in Australia there are 6 green dots for…
Great Idea, would solve a lot of problems
Thanks Rosy, I couldn't see it happening this year, but hope they'll think about for next year, sadly they're over loading with to much all at once, the original concept worked well, but when you add Tessa/ Greta DW, 2 types of HWE's FHWE/VF, the whole thing needs a rethink, i know Big Farm has to show a profit, but…
  • 2600 years ago Sun Tzu wrote in his Art of War "only fight the battles you can win", after all these years most of us have worked out who's who, if a another player plays to win at all costs, just do the minimum & shelve, if they wish to buy & use large amounts of gold, the way I see it, they're paying my way