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  • So as an old player, I know we get upset when we can't get what we want. I don't buy gold, but have been fortunate enough to win it, so thanks ggs for not taking away the gml, gfs, and gold. If it wasn't competitive and you got everything you wanted then it would be boring, and you would quit playing. I'm just aggravated…
  • how do i get to second clue
  • Here's an idea: How bout something other than a free range pigsty or give us the option to sell them. This game is beginning to be more like a job than a relaxing game. How bout just running championship, hwe, chwe, and fhwe once a month. I'd like to know if any of the ggs staff read this? Plus tired of regular and short…
    in IDEAS Commento di apple3 (US1) 02.08.2018
  • GGS is all about making money. If **** wants to buy rps, and use their gold that's their business. I have to say most of them are great players, and have always been nice. I just want something other than a free range pig sty. If you want to change things then every coop would have to stand together and just not…
  • Is anyone else having problems with the hwe? Since the hotfix, my hwe isn't working.
  • I think the changes have some positives, too. I like the circle for feeding, sowing, and producing, plus eventually we can have bigger farms. I wished there was a guide to explain some things, like the exclamation mark on the world map, If not too much to ask, Could you put the ship back on the main farm. thanks.
  • :/ I really don't like the new missions. It makes it harder to compete for those of us who don't use gold to skip, and we should be playing against opponents in our own divisions. I hope GGS will re-think the co-op challenges, but I do like being separated into different divisions.