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The best way to reach me/talk with me would be through private messages, you can click on the messages icon in my profile to message me, my visitor messages are unmonitored mostly.
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It is not a bug that some options in settings are volatile, it is because they are stored in the client-side (browser-side) and user clearing cache/cache files being missing/local-storage being corrupt etc can lead to the chosen value being reset. However, we will forward your suggestion to save it in server-side and…
Could you please elaborate more about this? a screenshot would help :)
I advise you to check the audio button in settings pane to see if sound is enabled, if its disabled, please enable it. also check your system volume settings to see if volume for your browser is enabled.
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 Hey @"Grandpa Squeak (US1)", Did you unsubscribe from those promotional mails by accident? then please contact the support team inorder to resubscribe :)
  • @"kappougi (JP1)" Firstly, thank you for interest towards the JP community, however please note that all moderators in the team are volunteers, and are not "paid", we all do it as a sort of volunteering, and we dedicate our free time for the benefit and betterment of the community and other players. Secondly, I don't feel…
  • こんにちはコミュニティ モデレーターとのプライベートな会話のスクリーンショットが含まれているため、このスレッドからいくつかの投稿を削除しました。いくつかの投稿では、モデレーターのアクションと別のプレーヤーへの追放について説明していました。これについては、コミュニティのガイドラインに違反しています。 再度ルール違反があった場合は、違反者に警告しますのでご遠慮ください。 よろしく、バッグスバニーモデレータBigFarmチーム
  • こんにちはコミュニティ モデレーターとのプライベートな会話のスクリーンショットが含まれているため、このスレッドからいくつかの投稿を削除しました。いくつかの投稿では、モデレーターのアクションと別のプレーヤーへの追放について説明していました。これについては、コミュニティのガイドラインに違反しています。 再度ルール違反があった場合は、違反者に警告しますのでご遠慮ください。 よろしく、バッグスバニーモデレータBigFarmチーム
 If any players (from JP/who know japanese) who you know wishes to be a moderator, they can apply for the same, for information on how to apply they can DM one of us, we'll be happy to help :) 
  • This has been a topic that has been brought forward multiple times before, if this thread hits a decent margin of responses then we will convey all the feedbacks given here (both positive and negative) for further proceedings.
They are actually set on the client side means on your browser side, so they get changed whenever you refresh cache
 Thanks for the report, we've forwarded the information.
 It will be announced in the contest thread located on the Spanish forum. external link: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/es/discussion/216021/concurso-del-foro-los-conejitos-de-colores Best Wishes, Bugs Bunny
  • Welcome Kara to the team and our wonderful forum! <3 Our community is full of cool folks who are very helpful & nice, It is our pleasure to have you here o:)
  • Hello @"kappougi (JP1)", Welcome to the International Forums o:) If you need any help or if you want to chitchat please feel free to drop a message! Best Wishes, Bugs Bunny
  • &#13; That's true, I agree that it will be ridiculous when the donation/contribution history is lost. The team is aware about this, and we will let you know once we have further updates.
  • &#13;The team is aware about this bug, and we will let you know once we have more information about this. Thank you for understanding, Bugs Bunny