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  • At least a warning should have come then from GGS that on one day 2 medals where paid out, and the final diamonds reward for "finishing" the coop HWE event should have been donated. I have bought extra coop booster and personal booster in a final race for the Farmers League medals. I didn't needed it for the coop HWE. Only…
    dans Farmers League Commentaire de tomtom (IN1) 09.11.2019
  • CC is a disaster for lower level players. Unfortunately this event is coming so often that in last year, I haven't seen a single player starting the game and still playing it 6 months later. We are losing players at a very high rate! If they really want to keep CC to be so important they should calculate reputation points…
    dans CC Commentaire de tomtom (IN1) 23.06.2019
 I don't know the answer but my coop has the same problem. Immediately after a challenge is finished a new challenge is started, even with no deputies online! I hope this will be fixed very soon!
  • It could well be that most of these aggressive and filthy messages come from one or several kids that don't fully realize what they do, but it has to stop, and GGS needs to start controlling it's own rules: no 2nd accounts on this server! Unlimited 2nd accounts are the only way such aggressiveness is possible. During last…
  • Has something been changed to the rewards for the top 10 ranking coops? Now only the special cherry for the winning coop is mentioned.
  • It's really a shame. I am motivating the people in my coop to do missions. They are almost all doing an extra effort, and we are just bumped out of the top10 ranking in a matter of minutes. I sometimes buy gold, but for sure I won't buy it now, and probably never anymore.
  • I completely agree. Those reputation points should not count in the coop's competition. I saw a coop moving from rank 11 to rank 7 in just 3 minutes by buying the repu points.
  • Yes, me too. It would also be nice for players looking for another co-op to know which ones are still active and performing well as a team. Now, I see many co-ops that have completely fallen asleep, but are still hiring people. Sorry, I have forgotten to add the quote:) I mean I would also like to see a ranking of the…
  • It may sound a bit rude to discuss the removal of members in chat, but if they don't contribute to researches after being asked by a group message they know it themselves very well that they don't play it fair to other members. So, who is then the most rude? Anyway, I remain polite, but the truth can be said. We have 19…
    dans Private Chat Commentaire de tomtom (IN1) 20.07.2014
  • I don't see a reason to have a private chat among deputies. It's a cooperative, where all members are collaborating voluntarilly, not a company owned by the leader and deputies. So, I try to discuss everything in the public chat box, even when it involves trouble with a certain member. At least that member knows then that…
    dans Private Chat Commentaire de tomtom (IN1) 19.07.2014
  • The Bee Mission is indeed not working as before. For the past two days, I have been online at least 14 hours a day continuously harvesting from my main farm and only got 3 bees till now. Normally, I finish the bee mission well before time. Is it the same problem as with the drop rate of collectible items mentioned…
    dans Bee Mission Commentaire de tomtom (IN1) 23.04.2014