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  • I`ve had a similar problem since the new year event started but only on my main farm for some odd reason. It is a recurring problem for me, usually when several events that produce the annoying graphics when harvesting, all flooding the screen at the same time. Clearing the cache sometimes works but not this time. My…
    dans Extreme Lag Commentaire de Mashy (GB1) 20.01.2023
  • Contracts containing a percentage of lobster are beginning to appear, but they are still weighted in favour of clam, oyster and shrimp. I have a store full of more than a million unsold lobster yet only have 650 clam, 2500 oyster and 2600 shrimp, yet I have 6 contracts asking for, guess what, clam, oyster or shrimp. Please…
  • As well as exp and library books, allowing the rapid build time prize to be effective on the obsidian farm would be a great help as I just wasted 50 build tokens upgrading an obsidian field after wrongly assuming I would get it done faster due to the time reduction I had from the goldfish event prize. We live and learn :((
  • Maybe fault was the wrong word to use, but the algorithm is what decides who competes against each other in missions. If I am wrong in my assumptions I would love to hear what decides who my opponents will be and why.
  • As we have been informed it is the fault of the algorithm why solo missions are more common with some players. I presume this algorithm is based on how you play - quantities produced, points scored per mission etc. I got fed up complaining with no result so changed the way I played missions. Instead of going for win with…
  • I did post a comment over a month ago about goldflower seeds and gold mining licences disappearing from the apple trade center. We were told prizes for exchange, changed regularly, and they would probably return soon. We are still waiting. Now they have removed the only reason to waste our time in the Pleasure Park event.…
    dans Pleasure Park Commentaire de Mashy (GB1) 27.09.2022
  • Great call. Some kind of control for the leader is well overdue. It`s too easy for unknowledgeable or disruptive players to ruin the event.
  • I think that only normal stables count for those quests. Fancy coops, like the `chicklet`s coop` or candy, irish, etc, may not count.
  • One of the few errors that have remained in our favour for as long as I can recall and players still want more. If the error is fixed and we lose the extra compost we have been receiving, 15% instead of 100%, we will at least know the reason why and those responsible.
  • I agree completely with Jax and feel that jam missions should be removed all together. When you`ve run out of cherries and pineapple its no fun waiting around for the mission to end with 3 or 4 of the other players when stacker is unavailable. If they can`t admit it was a huge mistake to introduce jam missions in the first…
  • Was wondering if the removal of Gold Mining Licenses and Goldflower seeds from the Reward Center is a permanent move as since these items are no longer available as prizes in the funnel event it will cut off my only way of obtaining gold.
  • Didn`t realise this was such a common problem as I presumed it was just another issue with my account to go with problems I`ve had with VF event. Contacting support was fruitless as I was told I must be playing at times when others were offline or not competing, which I think was a cop-out, as 6pm until 8pm is quite a…
  • After a restart the prize list has returned back as it was, so no problems.
    dans wwc prizes Commentaire de Mashy (GB1) 28.03.2022
  • As expected issue was unresolved before the end of the event. Co-op being approximately 400,000 points short of combined points total of the 2 players that competed. Team prize was unaffected by the issue thankfully. 
  •  The problem is not a server issue, as far as I am aware just affecting a few individuals. If all co-ops were able to add together each player`s score and check it against the co-op score, it could well be affecting more co-ops, but how many players bother checking, as naturally they would assume everything is running…
  • Nothing has changed in the co-op since the event started
  • I currently have 573,000 points in the hardworker event and my co-op `Dreamweavers` have just 199,000. Apparently I am not the only one affected by this glitch. I have been contacted by others with a similar problem
  • Ah yes, very well hidden. At least next time we get time limited prize tokens I`ll know what not to waste them on.
  • Thank You :))
  • Could anyone tell me at what level a player needs to be to qualify for Dream World