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  • Thank you RosyStarling and CM_Kara for a wonderful contest. I loved being able to use my imagination and creativity to design a Fantasy Farm. It sure would be sweet to see the Game Makers utilize our ideas for a new farm (permanent or temporary). Thank you again. Congratulations to all the winners.
  • I did not see any suggestions of Fantasy Farms that had a cave like focus. So this is mine. Fantasy Caves This new area of Big Farm can be a fantasy cave to explore and find gold, diamonds, and obsidian and much more. To gain access one must feed the dragon. The meals he wants come from the Mermaid Bay as well as fish from…
  • oooh! I would love that miracle fountain too, but only one that lets us harvest diamonds.
  • I absolutely love the way this new update has moved the boats in inventory with the decorations to its own section at the DSF. Also I like that they have given a new tab for the mystery boxes. So much more organized. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you @RosyStarling, Support was very helpful to me to demolish the cat tree without further harvesting issues.
  • I use Opera Browser too and I don't buy gold either yet I do not have the big white band issue. I discovered something about the browser. In the very top right corner there is a thing that has a series of three lines (one of top of each other. When you mouse over it, it says "Easy Setup". Press that and a drop down window…
    dans White Bands Commentaire de Katonic (AU1) 28.08.2022
  • ~sigh~ I did get a response and needed to rebuild the cat tree in order to harvest the water mill and jam factories. I was so hoping to use that space for putting something more useful like a small duck coop. I am disappointed, but with the CC here, I was desperate to be able to utilize the water mill and jam factories. I…
  • Well, since it has been many hours and the situation has not resolved, I sent a ticket into Support. With this happening, it is difficult to participate in BF events and it is very frustrating to say the least.
  • I am in the Australian server and it is already Monday, but i cannot access the day one. :(
  • Is this what you are talking about? This new construction slot that I need a subscription for? I see I have three tabs for building/upgrading. Does everyone have this?
  • Happy New Year to everyone! I can't believe it that I finally made it to the Forum. For years now I could only vist the forum as a "read only" So this is my first post since being able to get back into the forum. Whoohoo! I am so happy! I sure hope 2022 is a great year for everyone. :) By the way, I took the photo of the…