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13 members & In the top 10 of the CCE

Congratulations Good Farmers are 13 strong and stayed in the top 10 of the CCE !  Quite an accomplishment for a small group.  What I am most proud of is that every person contributed over & over no matter what your level was.  That is team work ! 

Worthy of that trophy !


  • avoepel14 (AU1)avoepel14 (AU1) AU1 Messages: 38
    Congratulations to all of the big farmers out there!!!
    I hope that one day I will be considered as the big big farmer since I am already a big farmer
  • pinklip (INT1)pinklip (INT1) INT1 Messages: 32
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  • The Laurel (US1)The Laurel (US1) US1 Messages: 31
    this may not be the place to ask, but in the last coop contest, i won and should have received the coopapple orchard.  I CAN NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!It is not in mygifts, themed buildings, andIcan't findit!!anyideas??thanks  laura  
  • itsnicky (FR1)itsnicky (FR1) FR1 Messages: 1
    congratulation o:)
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