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Kind words from abroad.

Hi all !


As you know, we do live some really special times in France and the all world right now. Some of our Big Farm communities asked for a place where they can write few words and show their support to our French community.

This thread will be open for the next week and our buddies from all over the world will come and write what their heart dictates them.

Please, consider this thread as a peaceful place. We won’t tolerate any post about politics, religions, violence, etc.

Thanks to all of you !

This means a lot to us, to all the French players. We, Big Farm Players, are an international family and clearly the best one you can have. 

Best regards,





Sur ce sujet, nos amis du monde entier, CMs, Modérateurs, Joueurs viendront déposer quelques mots pour montrer leur soutien au peuple Français dans cette période difficile.

De Paris, Rome, New York, Istambul ou Moscou, nous sommes une seule et grande famille et clairement la plus belle de toute. 

Merci à tous de garder ce sujet propre et sain, sans aucune référence violente, religieuses, etc.

Merci encore.





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    I'm sending all my love to any and everyone affected by all of the recent tragic events taking place. Do not let the fear take over, or we give those that would destroy our way of life power. Instead, continue to love each other and stand united against all hate.

    Stan aka CM Popeye <3
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    Bonjour fermiers!

    On behalf of the entire hispanic Big Farm community and Board moderators, we would like to express our most sincere condolences. All our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

    "When Paris turned off its lights, the rest of the world turned them on."

    Today, more than ever, that there's only one way: love and peace between mankind.

    United we stand. Let's stick together and we will achieve it! 

    Courage voisins!

    Pounawea (Spanish CM)
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    Dear friends, 

    Let me join  my  colleague's words (Pounawea's) and tell  you that despite the sadness, don't let  anger and fear go into your heart. Peace and respect for everybody please. Best regards from  Tola47   (board moderator from spanish team)"

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  • FarmerVicky (ES1)FarmerVicky (ES1) ES1 Messages: 220
    We are thinking about you at this difficult moment. Big hugs from Spain.
  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Messages: 6,633
    photo Au-delagrave des mots_zpswl7ubdxxpng

    We grieve for all the lives lost so tragically, in France at this time!

    Nous pleurons pour toutes les vies perdues si tragiquement, en France à ce temps!

  • Bonjour chers amis français. Je veux montrer mon soutien et de l'amitié, ils peuvent compter sur moi pour quoi que ce soit. Je serai toujours pour les aider. :) Je vous souhaite bonne chance. :):):)  <3<3 
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    <3 command from Spain to France a big hug at this difficult time
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    Animo y fuerza no estais solos

    Resultado de imagen de francia
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    Exprimer nos condoléances au peuple français et notre soutien inconditionnel .
    Jamais plus de violence .
    Nous Paz

    "Paz, Paix, Peace on Earth"

  • WascallyWabbit (FormerMod)WascallyWabbit (FormerMod) Guest Messages: 6,097
    Our heartfelt condolences to the French community from all the communities on the EN boards - Our thoughts go out to the families of all the victims & everyone affected.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you all in this trying time.
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    Muchas gracias, grazie mille, vielen Dank, thank you very much.

    Amici, amigos, friends, we too think of the victims from your countries in Paris.

    a french gamer
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    Ich kann leider weder französisch noch englisch.......vielleicht ist ja jemand hier der übersetzen kann

    LG Gela ( DE1 ) 
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     Je pleure avec vous

     lg, Eis 
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    Ich übersetze für Dich (je traduis pour toi) @gela51 (DE1)  :

    dans l'image :

    Que cette bougie fasse le tour du monde.
    Nous sommes avec les familles et les proches en pensée et de tout notre coeur.

    sous l'image :

    Malheureusement je ne sais ni le français ni l'anglais... peut-être que quelqu'un va pouvoir traduire.
    Hello everyone.

    I am Colombian, and I perfectly understand the pain of war, the pain of the people and the impotence of injustice.

    No words or justification for war.

    I really regret what happened, I repudiate and I give all my most sincere moral support and pray for all those who have victims in their families, they fill your heart with resignation and relief and all the French people can live in peace.

    Colombia lights france flag in Colpatria tower as a sign of solidarity with the victims.

  • yomismo1 (ES1)yomismo1 (ES1) ES1 Messages: 2,291

    pas plus de violence

  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Messages: 37,770
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                                                     Mon coeur va à tous nos amis en France


  • ZwpZwp Messages: 954
    Merci à tous.
  • luckyluciano (IT1)luckyluciano (IT1) IT1 Messages: 3,619
    Il mio dolore vi sia vicino fratelli francesi :(
  • yomismo1 (ES1)yomismo1 (ES1) ES1 Messages: 2,291

    Traduction du message: Nous pleurons les morts .... mais comme nous nous souvenons eux, allons vivre dans nos coeurs

  • Piggy Joan (ES1)Piggy Joan (ES1) ES1 Messages: 1,951
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    Mes condoléances. Ce sont des moments difficiles, mais nous devons aller de l'avant.
    Courage et la force.


  • Hello, I'm from America, and when I heard about the Paris attacks, I was devastated. I have always loved Paris and have always wanted to go some day. I hope you all can find peace in this difficult time. I'll be praying for Paris.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse tous

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    Merci à tous , vos messages de soutient nous réchauffe le cœur ..#NousSommesUnis
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    Chers frères en France, de l'Italie nous sommes pleurer avec vous vos morts.

    Vive la liberté, vive l'egalité, vive la fraternité, vive la France.

    (Cari fratelli francesi, dall'Italia piangiamo con voi i vostri morti.

    viva la libertà, viva l'uguaglianza, viva la fraternità, viva la Francia.)

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    Dear farmers from all over the world,

    I could not hope for a better move from all of you. This means a lot to all of us and we're extremelly grateful for all these kind words of support. 

    Thank you all, you guys are amazing ! 

    Wish you all the best,


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    neste período negro o meu coração está com o povo francês.

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