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I'm adding this to the table.. for the Birthday party!

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Helloooooo Big Farmers, 

today, we start a party that will last all weekend! 

Everyone's invited, but everybody will also have to bring something to the party! We're gonna play a little game with you!

In the "Birthday Party" group, you will find a discussion in which we add things to the party table. All rules for this game are stated in the respective discussion, you can't miss it! 

If you participate in the game, you get a chance to be picked as one of many lucky random winners we will pick by monday. Rewards include small item packages, some gold and - for the luckiest of all winners - our rare Community Bonfire decoration that can exclusively be earned in our community! 

So, become a member of our group, take part in the game and party with us!

To many more years to come! Cheers, 
your Community team


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