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5.1 How to choose horse equipment I posted the shortened version earlier in case my power gets interrupted, kinda difficult to recreate stuff written under the influence of a Muse. Now back to our sheep. Or horses in our case. if you click on your Saddler's Workshop on your HR - you will see something like this: (Image) Le's check boots, this is one piece of equipment with restrictions. When you click on a particular equipment (impeccable jumping boots in our case), then click on Description tab on the right, you will see the requirements/restrictions for this equipment usage. In this case your horse must have Endurance +1 or higher. If your horse does not have Endurance+1 or higher attribute you will end up with a useless equipment in your storage. Leg wraps. Huh, an interesting piece. (Image) I can use these Firm jumping leg wraps ONLY in jumping competition and ONLY if my chosen horse has a Racing breeding effect. To make matters more complicated GGS still has some mismatch on description and pictures of attributes.  From my trials I go by descriptions rather than pictures.
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