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  • This is happening to me too, no matter how many times I donate to get the decos in the line you can win, and then spin, it just leaps back to the same selection of decorations that I don't want in a previous category. I have won 7 decorations I don't want and already own just trying to find out if it is me doing something…
  • I am gutted about this farm, I have longed for another permanent farm for years and it is almost entirely unavailable to me as a solo player. Farmer's league for me is only the hard worker events as I am not in a co-op, and I want to raise an orca so badly I might have to abduct one from a zoo.
  • Thanks @"CrazyBigfarm55 (US1)" And thanks mods for looking in to deco swapping.
  • I have so little dung in comparison, 1,536,222, but I do have a very strong odour, does that count?
  • I agree, the tweaking has been amazing and made this horse season much more fun, my horse has been more successful than it ever was before and I have not had a single match with a horse of a much higher level etc. Made it much more motivating, I have started to upgrade trees again!
  • I am absolutely loving the tokens, they are really helpful for when you need to collect a lot of something, like I have just used them in the fairy tale event by putting a few cabbage on my honey which has a short harvest, the lower value tokens are great for this kind of thing because it doesn't matter how quickly they…
  • I will keep a look out, fingers crossed the 75% do come up again. New main farm boosters - Apples would be my first choice of booster to buy - level 6 -135 apples, level 7 -195, level 8 -215. So for the 1,161,000 gold the booster would cost I would get 20 more apples. Not even with a 75% sale does that seem worth it. What…
  • I am very unhappy about the sale reduction. I only buy the boosters at 75% sale, and I use to get offers for that amount every day, with rare days of having a 30% thrown in. I am now getting the daily sale offers but at 50%. I won't buy any more books at all for that sale rate, it isn't worth the money. And I was also…
  • I wouldn't mind it being one week if the tasks and market contracts were adjusted to reflect the less time. For me it makes it not worth investing any gold for just a week, as I know how far I can get in a week, and how far I can get in two weeks, with the same gold expenditure which is normally just about building quickly…
  • I don't mend them either, but for me the broken tokens still show every time I start production, I don't like it at all, I just want to be able to delete them but can't. Although even as I type I am wondering how I became so pedantic about my farm, I really shouldn't care. :D It is really annoying visually though.
  • Does anyone know how you delete the broken ones? Because when I started using them I was experimenting and put them on stuff I now don't use because of the percentage breaking stuff, but the broken ones are still there when I start production and it is really annoying me, 
  • @"FarmerCli (US1)" - do not ever start a milkshake business. I worry your menu might also include pig milkshake, pasta basket shake for extra crunch and but hopefully sturgeon milkshake, because sturgeon are delicious. . :D Banana is my favourite. It would be cool to be able to transport island goods to our main farms for…
  • No idea what you mean @"artful (US1)", my lunch box is full of nothing but sturgeon Focaccia every day. Some people are such fussy eaters. :D 
  • Apple milkshakes. Truly the shellfish of the dairy contracts. I seem to be asked for them all the time, in large numbers, and they only come in batches of 24. Also must mention - Apple Milkshakes? What even are they? Has anybody ever had one? Did you consider vanilla and then think 'no, lets go with.....everybody's…
  • My horse has never seen a meadow and has not got that many breeding effects, and the effects are evenly spread amongst the skills, and he has a low percentage of maybe 20% win when I challenge, but is only really beaten by much better horses when they challenge me, and sometimes not even then, the random thing comes into…
  • I would really like a 4th permanent farm. Don't care what it produces, just developed my farms about as much as I can with the exception of diamond buildings and it would be good to have something else to develop. I like the clothing idea with silk worms etc. Or there could be a deli/exotic produce farm, with quails eggs,…
  • Thanks @"ijrosh (US1)". I am going to have to admit with a very ashamed look on my face that it is only 0 when the contracts are redo time. Thankfully I am only allowed access to a lap top once a day when they loosen my straight jacket so these types of errors are kept to a minimum..
  • Is anyone able to help with a query, I have fulfilled tons of contracts, never turned any down, but no matter how many I do I keep getting loads of Level 0 slots that I need to fill 8 contracts to move to Level 1. My other ones that I have built up do appear still, but the number of new ones seems endless? Am I going mad?