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  • Not only you Johngirl, I used to them 2 or 3 times a week, likely more when I wasn't on line, I've seen only 1 about 2 weeks ago, I posted about the offers to trade Goldflowers for Wheel of Fortune tokens, still haven't seen it for nearly 6 weeks, hopefully the mods might ask the devs & let us know.
By the look at it Artful, I think you have to finish the research 1st, then upgrade your goats
  • No weekly event on au server either, a few co-op members have commented about it, maybe they're only running food truck on gourmet farm.
Wait & see I guess
    en deco event Comentario por george3 (AU1) 03.03.2023
Sorry Set, I think you may missed the tread on Goldflower trader & not using gold or GML's, In the 10 years building my farms nearly everything is for Co-Op events & try to use as little gold as possible, everything I upgrade is nearly 12 hours +, so it'll always be a work in progress As for using WoF tokens, there…
Thanks Heather this was the response I was hoping for, I was wondering if I should plant them all & grab whatever gold I get, so I just hang onto them & live in hope one day I get lucky 
  • Sadly 2 weeks since last post, no Favourite Offers for Gold flowers, looks like it's gone
It would be great to have a 2nd apartment building, but won't hold my breath to it happening in the near future. Since the tread has been reopened I've been working on away around it & slowly replacing my houses & Manors in my apartment building with Grand Houses, there's not much the gold apples are of any use to me,…
  • Just opened mine, (level 1 Tropical pigsty), fairly useless for me as I've got well over 100 of different things over 3 farms I'll never use, their good for lower lever players, just the way the game is going I guess
Thanks Kara that about explains it I've got a farm on the international server that I visit every couple of weeks (3-6), I get welcome back gold when I log in & usually while I'm there, I'll get a 200% gold offer, so not only DE server, it's something I've never seen as a regular player (best 150%)
    en USA SERVER Comentario por george3 (AU1) 08.11.2022
  • I've been getting autumn tokens for while as rewards from CC's & HWE's, also have "fall wheel" running for another 4 days. Maybe because where a month from summer in Australia, we're only one's getting these tokens
  • Posted this last Octoberfest, it'll be interesting, if suggestions are acted on. Wouldn't be surprised if nothing's changed
  • You can buy appearances at the Trade Center (top parking lot) from the championship trader using championship coins
  • something else that seems to be missed in the Gold Apples is the Union points removed, 390 I think once a fortnight, not much, but it all helps. As said before, nothing in the gold apples is of any use to me
  • They have to be joking, doing maintenance one hour before GDW ends, bad enough being ripped off for 2 days for the event PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE employ someone that knows what there doing
  • Sadly when "they who shall not be named" (though fear of banishment & retribution) brought out the 2 brothers again "who shall not be named" the 1st thing was to remove the Calendar, it's been a downhill slide ever since, when you look a some of the stupid things they've done to increase profits, I've long wondered if they…
down the bottom of the HWE silo, it's where the booster shop is
My thoughts too artful, the developers had to come up with something & this is what we got (if it's not broke don't try & fix it), maybe they'd be better off looking through suggestions & see what people who play the game want. Getting rid of undergrowth is great for me, the time saved is worth the money lost, but not…
  • No trouble on Australian server, just checked, I've got 680k Co-Op's 28 million
  • The pig needs to be unlocked, mine was locked this morning, after collecting my fields of special W/F I got pig tokens enough to unlock the pig. I hope it helps
    en Golden Pig Comentario por george3 (AU1) 11.02.2022