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  • only GGs would be daft enough to advertise other games to play when they are trying to keep us on bigfarm 24/7 I play in the US but don't get the ads although others in my coop do and get tempted to leave the game. Maybe GGs could spend some time making it more lucrative being in a coop. Loads of players drop out because…
  • I knew I was right to not upgrade for massive amounts of cash one day you lot will learn not to buy your way through this game only ever be one winner and that's GGs
  • I just use gold for the upgrade of my farms and refuse to for CC if all did this maybe GGS would listen, I don't understand why this game is not a level playing field for all if the big guns stopped and realised there folly how many giant ducks cows etc do you need I scrapped mine as I don't play CC 24/7 and will never…
  • well CC is over and good grief the extra gold box for finishing in top ten in silver is down graded to a gold theme box which is worthless. things should get better not worse, next time CC is here maybe later in the day :(( I for one am not joining in the mayhem again, GET A GRIP GGS
  • Maybe we all should take a look at ourselves, I have played big coops before and played the game to coop specs, but no more now I play in a quiet coop we collect what is on offer reward wise then relax for the 2 days that remain, GGs does not get my gold and I don't get the stress. Try this and stop back stabbing it's just…
  • I learnt from the last CC don't start till you see the tent lost loads last time might even give this one a complete miss and say hard luck GGs your loss
  • I think GGs would do a better job trying to encourage new people to play this game rather than drive the old ones away, I play on different servers so know the problems faced by others. Respect would be nice GGs rather than thinking new ways to fleece us, I used to spend a lot on gold now it's almost nil due to being able…