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  • Our coop pond requires SO MUCH food. With players out (covid, life) we cannot keep up the pace. If we quit feeding it, we understand we will lose 5% happy it provides, but how many fish will disappear?? we are needing 3175 food per hour and that is hard for us to maintain. One player believes the whole pond will die and…
  • sometimes the balloon tokens are available in the BF store and come with other items for dollars. but if you do not generally use real money to buy gold, you probably won't be buying the balloon tokens either. I have bought the balloon tokens in the BF store (a better deal that at the wheel) and if you can get to level…
  • Sugar Mill?? I was able to make about 20 alpaca feed at level 2 in the sugar mill, i upgraded to level 3 and now can only do 30 at a time? where is the upgrade on THAT? Is this a bug? I wanted to put in more alpacas but at this rate i can't keep them fed fast enough? what will level 4 give me for feed? any help…
  • interesting to note.. the nursery in gourmet farm is same size as jam factory. making it tempting to demo the nursery since it's not been used in months. I get so much free special seed from wheel of fortunes and event playing, I don't even have to make any special seeds. I figure if i demolish the nursery it will be used…
  • Please do tell what those games are! I'll follow wherever .. this is awful. so should we just destroy our nurseries? give us room for a jam factory? omg.
  • Stupid stupid update. had nursery for stupid special seeds. my main farm lab is at level 12 and now you expect me to upgrade with 100's of millions to get back to where i can even use seaweed?? or make a premium feed of any kind? and where in the heck is fruit sugar supposed to materialize for the stupid stupid jam…
  • AND we are in the mid-week timing. so if the button does not reappear before the timer re-sets, we have to start over and wait extra days to get the really big bundle on day 7!! UGH!
  • We are looking for the BF% button that sits left of the notification and awards circle. We buy the daily bundle. each day is $1.99 and day 7 is $4.99 and we get different % of gold for each purchase per day.
  • Albinranch (US1)
  • Thank You! Danke!
  • I keep getting this pop up when I log on to the game.. I laugh every time I see it!It is VERY COOL when it shows up!
  • I missed the 1st week, can I join in the 2nd week?
  • the contests are GREAT!
  • Calico Georgia loves to perch on my chair back and watch the farm grow! Bailey would rather watch real plants and animals outside!
  • is there a list anywhere for the prizes for Village Fair? example: Diamond League prizes for ranks 1 - 10 or Gold League prizes for ranks 1 - 10? Silver League prizes? Thanks in advance! I know how hard the moderators all work for our continuing questions!
  • Thanks for the contest and the PRIZE! I found this contest to be fun and hope to find more like it in the future. I liked reading the other stories and agree the winners did an excellent job!Albinranch
  • We also noticed it was gone before it was due to leave!What kind of compensation would even be appropriate?give us back our almond muffins and other products we DONATED for the event?who even wants another columned deco for a wedding, my flower farm is full of them!
  • ADVENTURE 1:While running the ranch, ROSE noticed Dusty chasing BUTTERFLIES. She found Lester coaching BASEBALL and showed him a photo of how his usually haughty horse was prancing about. Lester said all the HORSES on the ranch were acting up a bit since they had been to DREAM WORLD. Rose and Lester thought maybe all the…
  • I spent the stupid 20,000 gold to get more barn storage but I have not yet been able to manufacture ANYTHING except saddles and boots. I have not one item I can use pink/red dye on? not one? so what was the 20k gold to go for? i cannot make any items more than the 4-6 (I have no idea) items I was able to make on day 2 of…
  • but will it gift the lookout tower and the viking workshop through the wheel of fortune yet?