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Why I like Big Farm even after a couple of years: +New features or tweaks to old features are ongoing and keep it fresh +I don’t stay “broke” for long, there’s always a way up +I can buy gold to speed things up +I can wait to earn gold the slow way via the mine and upgrades +I can earn/buy/win instant feed for animals +I can earn/buy/win instant fertilizer for crops +The animations provide “eye candy” +The temporary farms are fun and optional & can earn fun stuff for my main farm +The temporary farms provide greenhouse seeds for the ship = $$ and horse shoes = money/gold/prizes won through horse racing +Horse racing wins some unexpected bonuses +Hardworker rewards help with co-op competition & a chance for gold mining certificates. +Mrs. Architect upgrades decos (thumbs up!) +New grid make it easier to rearrange farm (awesome!) +Existing buildings can be upgraded many times (smart!) +Existing buildings can get a new look +Crops and animals do not die (100 thumbs up) +Players do not lose points for failing a mission +Joining a co-op is optional (but recommended and rewarding) +I do not have to keep adding hundreds of “neighbors” to level up, no gift sharing (ugh!), am not stuck with inactive neighbors I can’t delete. (200 thumbs up) +Omar provides free money if you keep an eye on him (LOL)  
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