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Cheating in the coop village competition in The Netherlands

Jazzz (NL1)Jazzz (NL1) Publicaciones: 6

Did you know that BF makes it possible to cheat in the game?

And i can say you that a loth of players in the Netherlands (Dutch) competition are doing it.

I brought my proof together on screenshots and also know wich name is who.

I did sent a loth of support mails to BF.

They didn't respond and nothing has changed.

I personaly are strong against cheating. But i can tell you everything about it.

Now i am gonna nominate Good Games and Big Farm for a nice surprise.

It's a way to emberras somebody or a company.

I will tell them that it's Good Games. The game Big Farm. And the Coöp Be Happy. With cheating on third place in ranking.

This is completely ridiculous.

Spending money and cannot win by cheating.

I'll think it's time to say goodbye to Good Games.

I want to play a fair game.

To Good Games: This is just a start with bringing this ridiculous and emberassing news into the world.
I will empty my account, donate everything to my coöp and delete my account.

No money for Good Games anymore. You don't deserve it!!!

If somebody says it's not true or telling lies, tell me and i will sent you the screenshots.

So if you want to cheat you can ask me how to do it. Just let me know.

It will take 48 days to empty. I have 24 goldcards for the mine. After that it's over.


  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Publicaciones: 995
    I looked up your does not look like you are quitting the game.  So how true are your words?
  • Jazzz (NL1)Jazzz (NL1) Publicaciones: 6

    After the mining it's over as i told.

    I know it's difficult to read LOL :-))) 

    It's only a matter of time now.

    In the meanwhile i'm playing in a honest coop!!!

  • Jazzz (NL1)Jazzz (NL1) Publicaciones: 6

    Or maybe you are also one of the cheaters.

    I can say that i don't do it!!!

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