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  • I was really hoping that taking the time to work out for myself what GG should have told us would help, but it has not helped understanding it. Basically The equipment will either reduce the time you take on each obstacle in balking or rushing, or increase your chances of rushing. Great. The problem is that it does not…
  • Saddle blankets will add +40 to your agility rating for your horse for that one obstacle or +10 to endurance depending on your choice. The obstacles are all about time penalties. you get a percentage chance (shown against your horse) to pass normally, slow down (balk) or rush fast. Adding a blanket will skew your chances…
  • The defensive kit provides too much of an advantage IMHO. If it was removed, then it would be down to your horse's training and breeding to define those balk and rush probabilities. Adding Kit would allow you to skew that ratio, and skillful addition of kit according to the race would be necessary to win against a slightly…
  • Difficult when most of the horse attributes are hidden. You will only show the first 3 bonuses for a horse from strength agility and endurance. even if there are 2 for strength you only see one. You therefore cannot tell what bonuses they have unless they only have 3. Even then, you can only add equipment that increments…
  • I though I had a handle on this by only selecting saddles that lowered the time penalty for balking. This was not true and I am still unable to make enough kit for more than a few races per day with boots and leg protectors. Even then, the effects are negligible because I have a high level horse (135) and level 5 in the…
  • I'm not sure what the purpose of the new equipment feature of horse competition was, unless it was to make it much harder to win if you have a high level horse. You simply can't harvest enough equipment for more than 2 or three races per day and if you take on a horse higher than thirty levels below you, without equipment,…
  • sometimes when I add fish and the rate goes up to ten (or above) the time remaining drops to a few minutes, when I had hours left on the clock at rate nine. It does not do this every time. how does the game decide whether to punish you for maximizing the rate?
  • I cannot believe I got to level 5 and discovered that I had no chance of completing it. From the posts there are people with *much* higher level farms that have given up. I had to use almost all of my seaweed to finish level 4 and took 3 days to do level 2, only to find yet another (the third in this event) totally…
  • Still having trouble with this one. I have no building happening, no Oleg fishing happening, and I have logged out and cleared cache. Still the fishing building only has a in information link, and there are no clickable items on the fishing screen. What am I doing wrong?