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  • This is the correct answer, though there are horses for little gold... that aren't necessarily better than the 750K golden horseshoe horses. Also, there are 3 offers every 24 hours (can be rushed with gold, of course) and the horses vary WILDLY... in costs, value, effects etc. -Y
  • You gain and lose points (so far as I know) at the level you currently are, not the highest level you have achieved. And no, you don't get to restart in Platinum. You will start in a the equivalent Bronze league. Diamonds start in Bronze 1, and down. -Y
  • We just lost one of our top players (not to another co-op) due to performance issues, and now the Co-op challenge again? Priorities, GGS, priorities. -Y
  • You can merge this post wherever it belongs, but when did they change it so you can't seaweed (or humus of anytime) a 'treated' garden? -Y
  • Ahhh too late now, thanks. In any case, there is a bug... one way or the other. Not realizing that the prank was so short lived, I did my farms. Cows at 10.5 hours, Fruit Cake at 12, etc. After I saw the ghost counter (It was hidden on my main by two Co-op championship boosters, and the garage booster. I happened to check…
  • Or I would return the favor, but it seems the ghost hex doesn't tell you who did it? That's pretty crappy too. Oh well, ready for my day off. :) -Y edit> Now, having finally discovered the counter for the Ghosts, let me just add.... whoever wrote the 'info' for that particular 'trick' was deliberately misleading. Clearly…
  • I realize you are trying, Steffi, but your language doesn't generate in me the same response as in bdreish. TPTB have said they will tone down the frequency until the end of the year (at least). Because there is a lot of other things going on anyway. This sounds like, they are still planning to run the Championship as…
  • Our co-op championship mode has been the same for some time. Play missions. You don't have to win them, but qualify. You get a bunch of stuff that helps lower level players, and no one really stresses out. I had over 5 million rep the first time... and 3 million the next two... I doubt all the ones since add to 3…
  • Pranks between friends, either with forewarning or not... is one thing... pranking a random stranger, without even being in a mission, say, or with intent to hurt like during the Co-op championship... is like playing craps. You're never sure what you'll get. -Y
  • They did change something Ana. They now have added the Ghost 'trick'. I am sure in the pitch meeting, it went something like this... "You see, the Co-op's tired of being #2 or 3 in the Co-op challenge, will buy up the ghost tricks, to use on the #1 co-op they are tired of seeing win all the time. (Chs-ching!) And then the…
  • Yes, the ghost prank has the makings of Rage Quits, especially during the Co-op championship. Hardly a smart move. -Y Edit> I also wanted to add my two cents on the explanation that the Seeds are in the Nice Column because they are nicer than the Ghosts. Uh yeah, this is a true statement. But once again it smacks of…
  • Great tip Jiesta, thanks! It also eliminates area to look for pumpkins :) -Y
  • Sigh. Was hoping to buy some lucky charms... guess I will wait. -Y edit> But I can't say that the logic works for me. Lowering gold costs for N&N to increase the attractiveness of it over the Halloween season.... but then hiking the 'retaliation' cost... i.e. Karma point cost... will kill that aspect. Either by simply…
  • The one I had the most problems clicking, JIesta wasn't easy to find either... just half hidden behind a tree... as if the tree had a gourd shaped baby bump.... Good luck -Y
  • The gourd pumpkins, well one out of two I had to find, was difficult to click. It was halfway behind a tree and I clicked in. Nothing happened. I moved my farm around, was pretty sure it was a pumpkin, and clicked it again. Nothing. In frustration I banded my mousepad like 17 times.... roughly over the gourd. Nothing. This…
  • I do want a dancing donkey now... however, I also still want the Elephant pet from several April Fool's days ago. So I'm like that. :) My 'favorite' is seeing all tough horses in my box (There are very few I have a losing chance against, but occasionally they all show up together)... Losing the first race... losing the…
  • I've bred one quality 4 horse, and I've been focused on horses since they started. I have never bought a quality 4 horse. I have two horses at level 100... I have bred both horses down... example: once, I bred a 100 with a 0, to get a quality level 4 horse level 50... and trained it up to 100 again, breeding along the way.…
  • Just an addenda to my 'back' issue. It only happens on page one of the new discussions. If, for example, I click on a message on page 2,3, 4 etc. after clicking Discussions, and then go back using the back arrow, I see the correct page. Unlike on page one, when I go back as see some old cached (I am assuming) page. -Y
  • In what way was it easier for lower levels? And how low are we talking? (I am assuming: easier than the other Temporary Farms) My feeling is that the Candy Farm remains the single most difficult event in Big Farm (This is NOT a complaint, I like difficulty). Nothing listed in the changes (scaling changes only it seems)…
  • Haven't used a dime yet... saving that for when the parts just totally fail. :) -Y