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http://prntscr.com/jaa5zu i sign in and there is no "chat box"  so now i have to communicate with other members of the coop by mail. my question here is: just who does GGS have as their  Tech support? is he/she qualified? are they qualified? there is not a single day where one could say is without problems with this game. what a Brilliant way to attract new players to a broke down game. this has now become more than just a little irritating. sheer incompetence.
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  • This issue with the lagging is no longer funny!! its an OLD issue that has been talked about and we were promised a "fix" LONG ago! i am still waiting Every time the Pleasure Park or the Village League starts we have this issue!! I am getting quite sick of this!! No one seems to give a damn!!
  • they keep piling on the insults to hardworking players!! the people i mentioned earlier who got double rewards were ONCE AGAIN!!! given rewards. now they have 3 times the reward i i got for doing FAR LESS than i did! such bullcrap!!!
  • i work extremely hard and as i said i was ranked 2nd for the WWC. previously this type of mess affected me and i got no compensation for it. currently i am ranked #1 for the Farmers League Season. http://prntscr.com/po0fkx now i am competing with people for FL divisional ranking who have "double" the resources that i have!…
  • and may i say! to add insult to injury, i just find out that some people way way lower down the ranking than me have received DOUBLE the reward!! UTTER RUBBISH!!
  • i have just signed in and see that i didnt get my rewards for the Shorter Time either and i was ranked 2nd on the WWC i just hope that this is fixed before tomorrow. if not then this entire weekend of CC will be disastrous for me! not only will it affect the CC but also the FL division as well. man, i am so sick and tired…
  • it is truly GALLING to have someone like a CM make an idiotic announcement like he just did! after days of silence we get THAT pathetic announcement! he has just insulted us all!! in effect he has just told us to get stuffed! we, who are making DONATIONS of millions of dollars towards these incompetents salaries!! bravo!!
is this a joke? Really? they are aware of the problem? any idea when they became "aware" of this problem? this has been going on for about 2 months!!! ridiculous!
  • if you look at the first screen grab, the person in 1st place is not even in the Top 100! this type of mess is now the NEW Normal for big Farm Game!! they are now experts at mucking up a good game! 
  • i posted this in another thread! i have the same problem you know guys, the longer i play this game the MORE convinced i have become of ONE fact! GGS has searched the world and canvassed for the DUMBEST people they could find in the IT world and employed them! there is NO other rational explanation for why this cock-up…
  • this has now happened to me twice! previously it happened with the FHWE and i was told they were investigating "foul play". seriously ? foul play BY WHOM!! and now its happened again is this too supposedly foul play! the only foul play is from the FOUL workers at GGS!!
  • you know guys, the longer i play this game the MORE convinced i have become of ONE fact! GGS has searched the world and canvassed for the DUMBEST people they could find in the IT world and employed them! there is NO other rational explanation for why this cock-up happens time after time after time! They are just plain…
  • Did it occur to anyone that it is a deliberate ploy on the part of bfg to insert this "glitch" and do it over a weekend when no one is around to "fix" it? Then on monday say "oh so sorry" what rubbish is this! Am i being cynical? Damn right i am!! I do not trust these people as far as my fingertips. Edited to remove All…
  • @ RowdyRac Thank you very much for your prompt response and feedback, i do appreciate that. and thank you too for the advice. and yes i do understand, you cannot be any clearer.
is it at all possible for you as moderators to get something more tangible from the "team" as you seem to have contact with them. or are we to suppose that you do not have that ability. and if that is the case, and as you've just said, it may happen again, then what is the point of US participating in any event where…
  • another example of errors/mistakes/ or deliberate annoyance and irritation! since the "update" i cannot access the various farms of other players via their profile page! that too has now disappeared!! now you need to go to their Main Farm and then access the others! just like all the other stuff that has a habit of…
  • See this? This is where i have drawn the line! So far and NO MORE!! they will NEVER get another penny out of me until and unless they fix their problems! Order Confirmation Hello SRH! Thank you for your order. Details of order: Date of purchase: >Sep 2, 2019, 10:25 PM Order Confirmation Hello SRH! Thank you for your order.…
  • i have been playing this game very competitively for a long time, but i cannot go on doing this when i am being "sabotaged" so it ends here! http://prntscr.com/p179so http://prntscr.com/p17bma this is my ranking for the FL, and thats where its ending! i refuse to do anymore, or waste more resources till the NEXT big mess…
  • Support is another joke!! this is the kind of reply you get! this "ticket" was closed! and i am still waiting! developers, whoever those mighty brains are, are still investigating! investigating THIS plus countless other screw ups that constantly BUG this game! some for years! and, YET more problems creep into this game…
  • I too would like to know why the shorter Times are not working at the Co-Op Village. the co-Op village was a BIG part of the WWC! so what happened? is this a bug or is this done deliberately? as for the Horse farm, ST never applied there as far as i remember, nor does it work on the Temp Farms! However, i am annoyed that…
  • i am having the same problem. cannot log in to the game.. i sent a message to support and got back a BLANK email in reply. i also know of someone else having the same problem http://prntscr.com/nimkls this is all that happens