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  • I feel the same about this. One more good way to go about this would be in the same way as it is for deep sea fishing. We can be allowed to keep a set of 5 badges as a set like we have equipment set for boats. We can keep switching like between milk set(which has 5 milk booster badges) and egg set(which has all egg…
  • Yes, rank 1 in both missions. 
  • I am skeptical about only one thing in missions DW. Why does harvesting more than 10k of anything like wfs/alfa(made 11k wfs and got 23k rps) give less reputation points than harvesting less than it(8k wfs gave like 40k rps) even though people actively collected in both missions. Is this intentionally like this or is it a…
  • What do u mean by farm is not developed enough? All they need is a lvl 9 windmill. Like Cli said it is completely possible. And 240 million rps is possible if they spun using tokens in CC wof. 5k tokens gives 10 million points and they would have bought enough needed to do it :o. Its really costly but then again, its their…
  • Is there a huge difference in terms of harvest between quality 10 and quality 1 rural fertile field? I see a difference of only around 16 wheat between them both at highest level.
  • http://prntscr.com/1hypmf9 Back to the game after a break :).
  • Yes there were so many events starting from Christmas Preparations to one of the best wofs in the game called winter wof. Last year, none of these events happened but hopefully they come back for this year :). Just look upto crazybigfarm site for more info :).
  • U dont get 100000 gold for rank 1 . U might get it in jackpot spin if you are lucky enough. Dont buy gold and spin lol . Wasted 50k gold for getting 11 GMLs and 2 GF seeds. Wanted to get the 1 lakh jackpot reward but never got it . They must have set it at very less probability for occuring during spinning.
  • I get 2700 seals per pond coz i have lvl 5 book which i had bought with discount years ago. Its not that much costly considering i play temp farms whenever i can. Thats why my figures vary. I will also get level 6 when i get a good discount. http://prntscr.com/pondb7. 3M+ is still a good number considering i used to play…
  • Exactly the perfect strategy for now :) . Built 18 seals(and levelled them up) and feeding them nonstop . Making a good amount of runestones from it. Not even bothered about doing chapters/building anything else.
  • It takes only 4 hours at max level .Also u get more dung and orchard products as their times have been reduced. So, its still a better way than producing flax or tunics which i used to do when i was at lower levels. U get 3 times more peacocks,tree groves,dung,etc than earlier in the same time now but yes they were…
  • http://prntscr.com/pevxrx http://prntscr.com/pevxxt How is that a contract with a higher value and higher requirements provide us with less dollars than a contract with lower value and lower requirements ? (they both dont give any extra copper moons,etc).
  • I already have 7 mills. It all depends on how u want to play. It will be better if we can get farm lab to make premium stuff and get more xp and helps to play decoless too . http://prntscr.com/peu426
  • The matchmaking is good this time . All the people who have largest number of gold medals are being clubbed together :) in the same group.
  • I think it becomes faster as u progress @"Byron Longford (AU1)" . I have 6 gold medals and if i get the the 7th i will be in the 4th title after gardener. Dont think we will need 2 as we progress further, not sure though. Similarly, if we get the 8th we might end up in the 5th title and so on i guess. The progress gets…
  • This is not right . I got 3 gold medals last time and this time i am placed in a even more easier league with less than 150 level player and those people dint get gold medals last time too . http://prntscr.com/ok6fxw So i just logged in and played a single mission and logged out and got a gold medal whereas my friend did…
  • I guess it is more based on your weekly xp/activity inside the game added up with some randomness in matchmaking. I dont find it is based on level because i(400+ level player) am there with TM who is a 953 level player and another 3 to 4 level 20 players. Also, the players i am matched up with either dont play the game…
  • I like this new event, again just a few rewards for doing nothing . One more good thing is that I think this event favours people who dont play much because they get matched up with others who dont play too and so if we login once its more than enough . Just logged in yesterday, started herrings for 3 days and now i can…
  • Grats to the Kiwi supporters . Thought Jaddu and MS will finish the match but unfortunately couldnt :(.