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[Ended] Valentine's Day on Big Farm ... WINNERS

RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626
edited 23.02.2023 in Contests & Awards

Valentine's Day on Big Farm

May offers 2019 for Goodgame Big Farm

All you are asked to do is to write a story of what will happen on your farm on Valentine's day.

Post here if you can please.
If you cannot log in then click the image above to send your story.
You do not need a google account.
You also need to enter your user name and server. Format: BigFarmer (SKN1)
Failure to do so will means I cannot post your entry.

This is an INT forum contest so English only.

CM_Kara will be your judge.

She will choose 5 romantic story tellers to receive:
5,000 gold plus 100 seaweed fertiliser, 10 seaweed humus, 100 seaweed feed, 100 seaweed liquid fertiliser.

Closes 12:00 noon CET 14th February

Standard contest rules apply  HERE.

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  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626
    Tessa wandered off to see Greta - arrange coffee, a chat and a broad shoulder. What to do? Tiffs with the man and Valentine's Day so close. He had stormed off. She had stormed off. The weather hadn't helped. The animals were hot, water was running low and the drought was not easing. As she passed by all the stables, she checked their supplies. Her man would have been checking earlier, but the sun was searing these days.

    Greta waited. She knew what the trouble was - why couldn't Tessa just see the man loved her and these were arguments that could be mended so easily. They headed to the local cafe. Tessa, near tears, poured out her frustrations. Greta listened while stirring her drink (iced coffee was a better choice today). Strangely, she heard a lowing sound nearby and looked up - what the ...? and a strange squeak. Tessa turned - who had let out the stock .. the chickens were standing on the cows' backs and lining up outside the cafe. Furball, Footsy and Slobberer (ugh, that doggy had such a slobbery lick!!!) were happily watching them from the front of the pack .. and trapped in the middle of the gang in front of those stubborn donkeys .. was her man.

    'Tessa', he said. 'The animals - they're know more than I do about your heart. They've pushed me here and I see now why. I'm so sorry ... I got carried away and didn't think.'

    Tessa blinked and stood. Greta watched with a smile - she could see the animals waiting in anticipation. As Tessa went to her man, she started apologising also ... and together they walked back.... with the animals all following behind. One of the piggies turned to Greta, and winked.

    Bessie (GB1)

  • Tessa had been waiting under the tree for what had seemed like hours, waiting for someone very special. It was still February, so her thin coat did not provide much protection against the strong winds. Tessa looked up at the tree above her, she had passed by it many times before, but had never actually seen it up close. Tessa chuckled, everyone she knew called it the sacred tree, but she thought of it as a plain boring tree, but sitting under it, she felt an odd presence. She felt like she was protected from the wind and cold, but Tessa immediately dismissed the thought from her mind. There wasn't really a sacred tree, was there? But Tessa was pulled from her thoughts as she heard a noise. She realized that it was the sound of a horse, and she sat straight up, almost hitting her head on a low hanging branch as she dusted herself off and straightened her blouse.
    A very old man came up the hill, riding a majestic stallion, which strode calmly up to Tessa. Could it be? "Dad!" she screamed as he pulled her into a tearful hug. In all of the commotion though, the letter slipped out of Tessa's fingers.
    It fluttered around the tree for a few seconds, then disappeared over the top of the hill, where someone very special had been walking up, in overalls and a torn shirt. He read the letter with shaking hands, 
    Dear Tessa, please meet me by the sacred tree, you might not recognize me at first, but I love you dearly, and when you see me coming over the top of the hill, you will know that you love me too, if you do not come though, please release this letter into the air, love ####.
    The man tore the letter with his hands, then stomped on it with his boots. As he made his way down the hill though, a single tear escaped from his eye.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626
    On 13th February, Tessa asked Benny out. Benny was delighted and excited. They planned their date around the farm, in the nature. They dance on the fields... Eat some meringue cake.... Go for horse riding! Even though Tessa is excellent at horse riding, she purposefully loses. The happiness she sees on Benny's face is absolute pleasure to her. Then they roam around the farm holding each other's hands talking and laughing. When they see the duck coop, Benny is reminded of his own pet duck, Oscar. He tells Tessa all about Oscar and teaches her how to deal with ducks. Tessa then feeds the ducks and pats them gently. Then they go to walk around the nearest beach. Benny absolutely loves taking long walks on the beach. They both collect seashells for each other as souvenirs. They played in the waters. Then they walked to the obsidian farm, plucked plums and ate. Then Benny walked Tessa home and they kissed!

    Nishi Kasat (IN1)

  • BigRoberta (IT1)BigRoberta (IT1) IT1 Posts: 5,183
    unthinkable things will happen on the farm on Valentine's Day ..
    surprisingly Lester will arrive who has to have his cat bessie visited by Vicky .. then completely happy with the outcome of the visit he will invite the beautiful vet to dinner paying homage to her with white roses .. obviously before returning home, he will give everyone a some gold... for the occasion, Frida will create and paint a beautiful themed landscape, resulting only from her imagination.. this will be available to anyone who wants to remember that day.. the birds are chirping, the animals are happy, wherever they are breathe joy and harmony...
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 4,997
    As the winter is still upon us with snow still lingering and crisp cold air still smacking all in their faces, Rita Mercury reporter at large, decided that she wanted to do a story about the up-coming Valentine's Festival, but she did not know how to begin.
    She sat down with pad & pen and thought about what would be interesting the most but decided to go around all the farm's and interview her neighbors.
    She started with miss Tessa Townsend who owned the horse ranch just outside of town.
    She asked her what her thoughts were about the up-coming festival, Tessa had told her how she enjoyed the festival every year by showing off her prized horses and making sure they were pampered as well on that day.
    Rita decided to move on to Benny Buddler and his cousin Lana Kealoha, they told her that they celebrated with family on that day, because they were still single at this point in time.
    Rita thought to herself well that is okay but not spectacular news, she realized that everyone she went to for an interview had the same idea, they would celebrate with family & friends at the Valentines festival.
    She said to herself how am I going to write a spectacular story on this kind of news?
    She then saw in the corner of her eye something mysterious looking to her left sitting on the stairs in front of her work-place, it was a bit late so she could not see that well until she walked over and saw a Rose sitting there all beautiful like, she looked around and saw no one around so she decided that someone must of just dropped it, she picked up the rose and went inside to give more thought to her story.
    As she reached her desk she discovered yet another rose on her desk, where did this come from?
    She placed the one she had next to it and went over to make herself a coffee because it was going to be a long night, she grabbed her cup and as she went to pick up the coffee - pot she then noticed another rose sitting there staring back at her, her mind was starting to wonder what was going on.
    She poured her coffee and grabbed the third rose and added it with the other two, she then took a sip of her coffee and went to sit in her chair but then had to stop herself from sitting on you guessed it rose number four!
    She was so confused as to who or where these roses were coming from, she then froze and stood still she could hear a slight whimper on the other side of the room, she put her coffee cup down and started to walk towards the sound, as she slowly made her way around the corner she had to stop!
    Her eyes got as big as saucers, for what was in front of her sitting so still with a bow & eight more roses all around to make up the last of the dozen, was the cutest little puppy she had ever seen, and on the card was Happy Valentines from your friends at Big Farm, Rita then picked up her new friend and smiled with a thank you on her lips.

               The End

       Blue Denim (US1)

  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,639
    edited 13.02.2023

    today... it was a day like all others. I got up to start my work in my farm. the animals must be fed, trees must be fertilized, ducks must...  something stopped my thoughts...whats that noise?? I went out the door just to see my friend Rosy jumping around so happy and excited. "what is it with you today"I asked her to receive her answer "Oh!!!! its Valentines day today Jenny" and she started dancing and laughing.I just stayed still and unimpressed. Rosy noticed my reaction and asked me if I forgot about it.
    "No Rosy I didnt forget I simply dont get why you feel so excited about it, its just an orinary day you know.. like all others" and she opened her mouth looking at me like I came from onother planet or something.
    "ordinary day??? but.. its a love's day Jenny, how can you say that?" she asked and I told her how I felt.
    "Well it is, a day that nothing is different, I still have to do all my farm work you know and.. let me remind you this day is for people in love and we both know I am stil alone in this life so no pink clouds on my sky Rosy.  Now let me do my work and leave if you like" and I left her standing on my porch but feeling a little sad if I want to be honest...
    the hours passed quickly and before I realise it,it was time for my first brake. how I would like a cup of hot chocolate right now! But wait... is this chocolate I smell? I think my mind is playing me tricks but the closer I come to my house the bigger the smell. I start walking to my door and Rosy comes up from a bush, a bush? "What are you doing Rosy? I thought you left" but she avoids my question, I want to look into the bush but she takes my hand and rushes me to my kitchen. and there ... I see Matilda McMuffin baking something that I cant see what it is but smells incredible!!! she sees me and hurries to me "Oh poor thing you must be exhausted, come I made you a cup of hot chocolate , I know how much you like it" Staring at her I ask "what are you doing here Matilda? I am sure you have tons of work at your bakery today so I dont understand", she smiles at me, sits next to me and simply says "dont worry,I have everything covered at my Bakery, after all...Its a love's day today", Before I ask what she means the door opens and Eva Apple comes in along with Jonny Apple. Behind them I can see Lilly Littlefoot with Monica Moneybag. I open my mouth to speak but Rosy comes and says "Now Jenny of you go to take a hot bath and when you come out everything will be ready" and I just do what she says.
    what will be ready I want to ask but I am really out of words here so I do what she tells me.I can hear all the voices, people coming and coming.. 
    eventually I get out and what I see has me speechless. Α table laid with delicious food and mouthwatering desserts and ... the best thing? all my neiwbours , all my friends I should say there. Greta Greensmith is talking with Frida Flower and Rita Mercury, next I see Farmer George with Vicky Ventura and Tessa Townsend. Professor James is talking with Daniel Cooper and in the back yard I see Lana Kealoha playing with the twins Jack and Jim. The back yard door opens and the two captains (Barnacle and Yarancle) enters along with Deir Master, Nils Nordson, Oleg and Omar Al-Tajer. (surelly they are talking about their trips and I cant stop a smile from my lips). The kitchen door opens and Steeve Screwdriver comes with a pie on his hand and behind him Lester Crowley yealing at him for eating his pie and Monty (Montgomery Goldwin) laughing. everybody is here?? even Lester? even my friends from far away and.. he is missing.  Well I cant be ungratefull now can I? Rosy sees me... lets take a walk frist she tells me and I follow her.
    "You know Jenny, I thought about what you said this morning, an ordinary day and I wanted to make you realise that its not, its a day full of love , all kinds of love"
    Before I can think her words I see a movement from the bush and as I approach I see tied there a balloon in the shape of a heart and I hear Rosy saying how lovely it is. 
    lovely? bizzar I would say the least.. where did it come from? I turn left only to see onother heart balloon tied in a tree and little further onother one?? whats going on? I find myselfe wondering in my farm and collecting all shorts of heart balloons , big -small ones, in all colours. i follow the path of "balloons" that take me to the table all my friends are sitting and when I collect the last one and I look up.. my heart stops. In the middle of the croud Is Benny Buddler with a bouquet of red heart balloons with the word "LOVE" written, one red rose in the other hand and in front of him a heart shaped chocolate cake that wrote "I love you Jenny" 
    I got tears in my eyes .. he was here after all ...and the best thing of all was the love I saw in his eyes for me and that all our friends were here with us! I run to his arms and all our friends cheered for us
    the best Valentines day ,, it is a day full of love after all!!!

  • Excitement has been building on the MountainSplash farms! Valentine's Day is almost here and preparations are all coming together. Tables are being set with beautiful roses and goldflowers for the centerpieces. Bakery's are busy making flan, meringue cakes, and lots of fruity ice cream! Live entertainment is expected with lots of music from local farmers coming to play. Games and activities will include heart shaped bean bags for corn hole. Heart shaped horse shoes for the horse shoe event and the Grand finale will be the releasing of 350 blue and red heart shaped balloons that have been collected over the last week and a half. Everyone is invited so please come and experience the fun!

    MountainSplash (US1)
  • Horsing Around
    -Bennet Drake, Ripper Street Co-op.

    For days now the human who brings my food and cleans out my stable has been acting really strange – running all over my ranch looking for balloons. Red, pink and blue balloons from a Mr. Valentine? Pretty, but you can’t eat them right?

    They talk about a thing called love. I’ve never seen one, and I wonder if you can eat it? Maybe it’s not a thing at all, but they say “feel the love”, so does it feel soft? Warm? Fluffy? Hard? Anyway they’re really preoccupied with this Mr. Valentine and his Love, my food has even been late a few times. Maybe they get excited about all that – like the grumbly feeling I get in my tummy when I hear the rustle of a handful of fresh alfalfa, or the flutter I feel in my gut when I hear horse cubes tumbling into a bucket, or the sweet sensation on my tongue when I see a big red apple on an outstretched hand. Maybe that’s what love is?

    And so, since they’ve been chasing balloons, I’ve had time to wander. There’s this strange place, not far from my ranch, with lots of buildings and a pond. I had a drink of water there, but the fish were so presumptuous, they thought my whiskers were a snack! It’s not that they’re hungry fish, they’re so fat already! There was also this weird old man on a broken down boat, cursing and…

    Wait… what’s that?

    There across the stream is a meadow and…. Oh, I have to trot a little closer. Maybe I can jump the stream even though I’m a dressage horse… I have to… oh… would you look at that incredible sight! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful! Look at that dapple, and the silky creamy mane, and the way she holds her tail… oh… she’s looking at me! Time for moves, let me do a little piaffe and pirouette, just up to the fence. She’s coming over! She smells so good, like fresh hay and the sweetest sugar cube with just a hint of carrot. Oh baby, let me just snort in your nostrils to say you are the most amazing creature since Eclipse.

    Yes, yes of course I can jump the fence! And then we can do a little trot together? And if we feel really adventurous, maybe a gallop around the meadow. Balloons? No, let the humans have them. I want you, Lady Lipizzaner, there is none more fair than you. They can have their Mr. Valentine and all their pink, red and blue stuff. I found Love!

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626
    Closed to entries. Judging will take place soon

    I don't envy Kara !!

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 4,997
    Is everything okay? its been awhile since this has said (been Delayed), I hope everything is good with you all.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626
    edited 21.02.2023
      Kara should be back tomorrow. 

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 4,997
      Kara should be back tomorrow. 

    Thank you for letting Us all know, much appreciated. :)
  • CM KaraCM Kara Community Manager Posts: 160
    Howdy-ho farmers!

    I'm sorry for the delay which was caused by me being ill and then being on vacation. But I'm back now!

    And though Valentine's is long over, I really enjoyed reading your romantic stories today! They had it all: Family, cute farm animals, even a horse perspective and classical romantic love!

    Now, I had to choose and there are 5 winners:
    • Bennet Drake
    • Jenny1979
    • Maccoolgirl
    •  Blue Denim
    • Bessie 
    Thanks to all of you for participating and making Big Farm's Valentine's Day even more special! <3
    I'll do the payouts tomorrow.

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 4,997
    edited 23.02.2023
    Thank you kindly Rosy & Kara for this awesome contest, & Congrat's to all the winner's & well done to all whom participated. :)

    P.S. Glad your feeling better Kara, & welcome back.

  • Congrats all winners and thx for the fun contest!
  • Glad you're better, and thank you :-)
    Well done everyone!
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,766
    Congrats to the winners! We have some very creative writers here in our community. Well done! 👍

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,626

    All prizes have been paid out

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