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[Ended] What's in a Name revisited REWARDS GIVEN !!!!!!!!

RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, Guest Posts: 4,718
edited 04.06.2021 in Contests & Awards

Non contest

I have a little gold to give away and I'm nosy 

Do you remember RowdyRac's Non Contest?

What is in a Name ?

Rowdy asked you to write a post, telling the story of your Big Farm player name.

Well, I want to know your Farm names.

Where did they come from? Why did you choose those name? (or did it choose you?)

Have you named them all?

If your story makes us giggle or laugh, or stand open-mouthed in amazement, or just touch a heart-string in an unexpected way, some gold may make it's way to your farm in appreciation.

The contest (that is not a contest  :)  ) will close on
the 30th of May at midnight CEST

So grab a mug of something warming and come tell us your story; we'd love to hear it!

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  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 485
    edited 27.03.2021
    My name Morti is the initials of my full name, and also my initials on my work.
    M = Marianne O = Ormstrup R = Réz Ti = Tidemann.

    In Denmark we have an estate called Ormstrup Gods, I have done genealogy research to find out if my middle name came from there. Unfortunately it did not, but it comes from a small farm far out in the country, in a heathland called Ormstrup Hede.

    I was born Réz when my father was Hungarian, so I am half Hungarian and half Danish. Tidemann is mine for married surnames and I have deliberately kept all the names as they are special.

    My main farm is just called Mariannes and my other farms are called Queens Garden (flowers), Queens Paradise (Island farm), Queens Happines (Deco Valley) and Queens Corner (Gourmet).

    Queens Corner and Queens in general because I started a grill bar with a friend, years ago. It is called Queens Corner and still exists, here in my small town Viborg in Denmark.

    That was all from me  :D
  • 24K Mayhem (US1)24K Mayhem (US1) US1 Posts: 494
    edited 27.03.2021
    My GAME  NAME  is Antigone6~ Antigone is a strong female character in a Sophocles Tragedy. The 6 is from my Birthdate. :-)

    I made a trip to Ireland long ago and fell in love with the beauty of it all. Main Farm is my last name and of course we need to have a  stone for luck, thus Murphystone . GF is Cupan Tae, a restaurant in Galway, Ireland. My FF Limerick Fields,  is a City in Ireland with a lot of interesting History and beautiful castles  and sites to see. My Deco Valley is Doneraile Park a beautiful Wild Life Park & Reserve in Doneraile, Ireland. My Viking Farm is Skellig Michael, which is an Island in Ireland where parts of the movie Star Wars was filmed. 
  • landghe (SKN1)landghe (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 93
    edited 30.03.2021
    My farm name landghe is plainly a combination of the first letters of my surname and my first name.
    My main farm is Auckland. I just love the sound of the name and chose it because The Lord of the Rings trilogy is filmed in New Zealand, although I have never been there. Auckland almost sounds Scandinavian. My other farms have names from the works of my beloved J.R.R. Tolkien; Hobbiton (gourmet farm), Rivendell (decoration valley), Tinuviel (flower farm), Lorien (temporary Tropical farm) and my coop Erebor. Usually my temporary Viking farm is named Norrsken, the swedish word for Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,639
    Hello ,my farm name is "Jenny1979"
    well... its actually pretty simple, its my name and the year of my birth (unfortunatelly ha ha ha )
    lets face it.. women dont usually shout their age. When I started this game... thought it was like a cartoon, just for kids, didnt know I would stuck with it, didnt even know the name would follow me to the entire game 
    (how little I knew...) We now have the chance to change it but... I dont see the point 
    everybody knows my age now ha ha ha 
    The name of my main farm is "agrozoi" 
    in one word it means all the agriculture life, its a greek word but written in english letters
    basically the're two words in one agro - zoi
    agro (fields , meadows, animalls... everything)
    zoi ( the word life in greek is called zoi , I just used english letters)
    all the other names are greek (since I play in the greek server)
    The name of my Gourmet farm is "το μαγειρίο"
    it means a cookhouse in your neighborhood that makes the best mommys food and its the opposite of a fancy restaurant
    The name of my Flower farm is "το ρόδον" 
    a beautiful greek word for the flower rose
    The name of my Deco Valley is " ΟΛΑ ΤΑ ΧΑΜΕ..."
    now this... is a little hard to explain in english cause its an idiomatic expression, a figure of speech 
    Its a saying greek people have when they want to say, 
    as if we didnt have enough in our heads already... this came too, something we didnt really need, so I wrote the half of the saying but everybody in greek server can understand it when they see it
    basically what I wrote  is "as if we didnt have enough.." but using the expression made it better , you know?
    The name of my fishing area is "Ναυτίααααααααα" 
    Now this...this is both sarcastic and humorous.
    When you're all day in the sea and you are tired and you cant take it anymore and the weather is bad and it has big waves it brings you... sea sickness, so I am shouting "Nauseaaaaa" :D
    The name I use for my Islands is "..." 
    I stoped using names for my temporary farms cause... they re just that , temporary
    they come and go and I refuse to give a name to something that basically is like an empy thing in my game 
    cause it empties my cash register and eats my time and then it goes living me with what??
    a voide hovering and then what?? then nothing
    just like when you say something and then you use dots to let it hovering
    I cant describe the voide hovering in a better way than with dots
    ... exactly that 

        I tried to make a translation for you
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 5,253
    edited 01.04.2021
    • Blue Denim (US1)

      My name is Blue Denim, it has been My name for My whole life basically, I go by Blue mostly but Denim came from the fact that I luv to wear a few things made of Jean Denim material like Jeans, Jacket, Tops and such, My Nationality is also Indian from 2 types of tribes, Blackfoot & Iroquois, My Ancestors traveled from Canada among a few other far away places to the US, I have  made different characters in My other games I play and gave them My name, I have Warriors, Sorcerers, Archers and such that I use when I play My other games, My favorite color used to be Blue when I was younger, but now it is Purple & Black, cause I am more into Gothic type things for a few years now, that is how My Big Farm game got My  name  .

    •  Image result for blue denim pics Image result for april fools thought of the day pics Image result for jean outfits pics Image result for Black Jeans Outfit Ideas      Image result for Black Jeans Outfit Ideas         Image result for Black Jeans Outfit Ideas
    I think I added this to the original thread for a 2nd time, I could not delete it, so I left it, :)
  • walle (INT1)walle (INT1) INT1 Posts: 420
    My name is GREENPANDA

    Because i like so much green nature and Panda is my favorite animals because is much social with people 

    Green nature is life, Panda is peace between man and nature. 

  • Those who followed the BBC drama "Ripper Street" will know where my game name comes from!
    The character of Bennet Drake was by far my favorite character because of his dedication and loyalty, but also because he is so very flawed, a "Shakespearian" tragic character for whom everything seems to go wrong, no matter how hard he tries. So, in a sense, the name chose me. I've always been drawn to those characters in fiction that are flawed, underdogs; yet in the end their strength and character remains foremost.
    Many of my farm names are also based in aspects of the show, like my Main Farm: Rose Garden. Rose is the girl Bennet Drake falls in love with, but she does not realize what a good thing she has in him.
    My Gourmet Farm: Goluba Gourmet is based on a word from season 4, where Goluba (and I'm not sure of the spelling) is said to mean "dove".
    My fishing boats all have "Ripper" names mixed with seaside terms or other things from naval fiction: Moby Drake, Twinkletanic (the character of Homer Jackson goes by the nickname "Twinkle"), Ripper Tide, Whitecappel, SubmaReid, Bennet Bounty, Jack the Clipper and so on.
    I started playing the game when watching the show, so it's a tribute, in my mind, to excellence.
  • FuriousFarmer07 (IN1)FuriousFarmer07 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 783
    edited 06.05.2021
    My name is Adhvaith So my username is 'ADHVAITH'  ;)
    I just simply name my farms without looking at the meaning
    My names of the farm-
    Main Farm - SA FARMS
    Gourmet Farm - ADHUS FARM
    Flower Farm - BEAUTYFARM
    Decoration Valley - VALLEY OF DECO
    Fishing Region - FISHERS FARM

    Post edited by FuriousFarmer07 (IN1) on
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, Guest Posts: 4,718
    I'm looking for your Farm names. 

    The old non-contest was for your game nick.
  • My Game name is Priyanshu613.
    And I haven't name my farm meanful,because when I choose my farm names I don't know about this game because it was my first experience.
    These are my farm names.

  • My farm names are:-
    Main Farm = HP Farm
    Gourmet Farm = HP Farm
    Flower Farm = Priyanshu farm
    Decoration Valley = Decor Valley
    Fishing region = Priyanshu
  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 5,253
    edited 07.05.2021
    In that case My Farm names are>

    1. Main Farm> Blue Denim
    2. Gourmet Farm> Blue Denim 2
    3. Flower Farm> Blue's Flower
    4. Decor Farm > Blue's Valley
    5. Fishing Region> Blue's Anchor
    6. Horse Ranch> Horse Ranch
    7. Candy Farm> Candy Farm ( I do not bother with the temp farm's)
    and there they are, :)
  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    If you've read Rowdies thread then you will know that "Uncle John" was my uncle and was actually a farmer.
    His address was "Yew Tree Farm" which my mf is named after
    His wife,my aunty Twink, was an awesome cook on a big coke-fired Aga. Hence my gf is "Twinks Kitchen"
    and my other farms are named for their four children, my cousins, Sheila, Rodney, Geoffrey and Ian.
    I small tribute to a man who, in the 3 summers I spent helping harvest, had an enormous hand in making me who I am.  He died when I was in my twenties before I realized just how much he had done for me.
  • khadj1234 (GB1)khadj1234 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 446
    edited 08.05.2021
    hello  everyone ;) , hope u r all doing well. anyway my farm name is Khadj1234well 'khadj' is short for my name khadijah and khadj is also a nickname that some people call me.
    the 1234 part  erm... like I think I don't really know why I put that there at the time yo be honest ,but probably maybe because it was too short  :# not so sure to be honest but you could say that 1234 represents the 4 people who helped me build my farm  :wink: .
    okay now about my farm names :blush:
    1.My main farm is called : Mcdonalds - I named it that because you know the nursery rhyme the one about a farm so I named my main farm after that rhyme 
    2. My Gourmet Farm is called : live life - im not so sure about this one I think oh yh so basically I couldn't think of a name to name it so I asked my gran and she said live life because of how there are dandelions and you make a wish and blow them so that's why its called LiveLife 
    3. My Flower Farm is called: RosePetals - I named it that because my favourite flowers are roses and my birth flower is also rose :smirk:
    4. My Decor Farm is called : BlingBling - I'm not so sure to be honest why I named it this it might be because you know when decorations are nice and clean and they shine? maybe that's why ,not so sure :expressionless:
    5. My Fishing Region is called : LittleSeaLand - I named it that because you know how sea life centre and like how there is so many fishes there ,so I named it after sea life centre kind of  :#
    6. My Horse Ranch is just : Horse Ranch
    7. My Candy Farm is called : sugarTreat - I named it sugar treat because you know how candy is sweet and you get treats that are sweet so that's how I got the name CugarTreats :smile:
    8..The obsidian farm is unknown for me :smile:
    yh so that are the reasons to the names :blush:
  • Blossom (SKN1)Blossom (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 564
    Hi! :)
    I was a new player that even not know the least about the game. I had to choose a name and I want have a beautiful name but all I chose the game say "someonee have this name, please choose another one". Try and try and the game say the same. So I get some angry and then I decidet find a name that no one had find out. it be qwertyuiop, also the first line at the kayboard.
    Hahaha not a beautiful name but it was very clever :D You then I could very quickly log in to the game by quickly pressing the first line  o:)
    But after my farm get cloned and I was harassed by a player then I got help to change my name in the hope that he would not find me so I could play in peace what (which until now I have not been allowed to play in peace).
    I had to choose my name myself. I choose "Blosson". Why Blossom? It has a reason :) When other get my letters when I wrote to them, it's as I give them a blossom and your friendshin begun to blossoing <3
    I want that the love and kindness blossoming in the game and the hatred, bullying and insult disappear from our beautiful game <3 Instead of to push others down, help each other to blossing and be a successful farmers <3 
    So my name is chosen from love and heart to all others people <3
    My mainfarm: Sakura, taken by sakura blossoming tree and my name "Blossom". As you know, this is not a normal tree, it's a tree by the mean LOVE to each other <3 
    My goumefarm: Moonshine. Isn't the moon light a little special? If you ever go out at the night when it is full moon you can see that it is like someone has sprinkled glitter all over the ground and the white flowers shine as if they were lamps. Moonlight is not away from love and hope. It's mean that even in night ther is light and hope, somewhere that love can grow <3

    My flowerfarm: PionsFarm. It is a sort of flower too. Pion (peony on english) is a beauty flower too and bloming in late spring. They are “king of flowers” and means romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion. 
    My Deco-farm: PrettyFarm. I chose this name because for there is place for all my pretty decorations there :blush:
    Mt fishfarm: BigSea. Where is it better to find good fish than a big sea? ;) 

    I wish you all best for you, all lovely farmers and let the farms blossing <3<3<3 
  • BillJohn (US1)BillJohn (US1) US1 Posts: 78
    Woodlawn Farm is how I refer to the first farm I bought in my 20's which is near Woodlawn, Ks and thought that would be fitting for the main farm which is the first farm in the game.  

    Maple Hill Farm was name given to the gourmet farm.  My parents farm was given this same name by early owners according to a early Kansas history book I once read.

    The flower farm I named Merry Meadows.  Seemed fitting to me as all those scented flowers ought to make one merry.  (Side note:  My trawlers are named after flowers that I like to grow.)

    Heart and Soil is the name given to the cooperative village which is the coop I am in.

    Just named the horse ranch, Horse Ranch, as not a creative person.

    Deep sea fishing I named the Bermuda Triangle in honor of that sunken ship in fairly shallow waters to be found there.

    Great Plains named given to the decoration farm, again a reference to area I live in and the place I have those great decos.

    The temporary farms get temporary names.  Currently Island Farm but in beginning often called them Money Pit  for obvious reasons.

    Wishing all Happy Farming,

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, Guest Posts: 4,718
    edited 04.06.2021
    Well  I  am nosy and I had hoped to find out a bit more about how you named your farms and I admit I had hoped for a few more. 

    Those of you who indulged me

    Morti (SKN1) 

    antigone6 (US1)

    landghe (SKN1) 

    Jenny1979 (GR1)


    Bennet Drake (US1) 

    Blue Denim (US1) 

    Priyanshu613 (US1)

    Uncle John (AU1) 

    Blossom (SKN1) 

    khadj1234 (GB1) 

    BillJohn (US1)

    will get 500 gold each

    GREENPANDA (INT1) who told me about their name will receive 100 gold

    Post edited by RosyStarling on
  • BillJohn (US1)BillJohn (US1) US1 Posts: 78
    Thank you Rosy
  • thanks ose

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 5,253
    Thank you Rosy, much appreciated, :)
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 485
    Thank you Rosy, much appreciated, 
  • is the rewards credited?

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, Guest Posts: 4,718
    Yes, all paid out :)

  • Blossom (SKN1)Blossom (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 564
    Thank you @RosyStarling a lot <3

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