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[Contest] Benny wants to know your BigFarm Resolution ❤️

BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612
edited 14.01.2021 in Contests & Awards

It is 2021, and Benny wants to know what are your new year resolutions in BigFarm.

You can enter the contest by posting your BigFarm resolutions for the year 2021

1) No multiaccounts/account sharing.
2) The Forum Team has the final say and has the right to modify the rules or disqualify players anytime.
3) Community Guidelines are applicable.
4) One entry one person, however your one post can contain multiple resolutions.

An example
In 2021, I wish to reach level 400 and upgrade all my cowsheds to max level, also would like to make my cooperative win the championship three times a row.

Prizes & Winners
Prizes are gonna be a surprise, the winners will be the ones with top entries voted by our moderation team, and there will also be some random winners who will win some random prizes ^^

Contest Ends on ~ 23rd January 2021!



  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612
    Please note that the entries has to be posted on this thread as a post in-order to be counted, please do not private message us the entries, they won't be counted.

  • The Best King (INT1)The Best King (INT1) INT1 Posts: 883
    edited 15.01.2021
    My 2021 bigfarm resolutions:

    Have lot's of fun :)

    Reach level 250.

    Have all lvl 5 waters tower as well as a lvl 5 mine.

    Have 1 lvl 9 viking/northern lights duck and colossal chicken.

    Get an animal lover's title in the farmer's league.

    Have 14 lvl 6 trawlers as well as all the buildings on the 3 main farms to at least lvl 8 (if permitted).

    Earn 20M rp in a cc and 17M points in a hwe/chwe.

    Have at least 1 of my suggestions implemented into the game.

    And still be playing bigfarm at the end of the year :)

    Edit: Almost forgot one of the most important ones, sorry, i would like to get my kite (now +25%) to at least a +75% rp bonus or more :)

    Post edited by The Best King (INT1) on
  • BillJohn (US1)BillJohn (US1) US1 Posts: 78
    I always share my Big Farm resolutions with my cooperative, so will just post the message I sent to the Heart and Soil coop awhile back.

    I have been sharing each year my Big Farm yearly resolutions.  For 2021 will be to play the game a little less, so here they are:

    1.  Get the dressage horse to level 198, to match the racer and jumper.
         (a 2020 unfinished resolution).
    2.  Once the 2020 racing season completed, no longer try to make top 10 in the horse racing sessions.  Just get to diamond for the gml's.
    3.  Add 2 levels to Lester's stash instead of 5 a year.
    4.  No speed runs, but do theme events for below L5 decos not in tower.
  • 24K Mayhem (US1)24K Mayhem (US1) US1 Posts: 494
    My Farm Resolutions for 2021:
    1, Make it to Diamond League in Horse Racing.
    2. Send horses to Coop Meadow More Consistently.
    3. Continue to fill Deco Tower at a faster pace.
    4. Reach Animal Lover in Farmers League
    5.Be more positive and have a positive impact on every farmer I chat with or meet.
    6. Reach Level 30 on Lester's Stash
    7. Have all trees built on horse farm.
    8. Have deco's organized and placed strategically for Pleasure Park.
    9.Be able to afford new land on MF & GF.
    10. Have Duck & Cow Communities Max Upgraded.
    11. To Obtain More Gold Mining License
    12. To spend more time sparkling it forward
  • FuriousFarmer07 (IN1)FuriousFarmer07 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 783
    edited 18.01.2021
    My Big Farm Resolutions for 2021 are ;
    1. I want to make my coop in the Master League of Cooperative Championship.
    2. I want to reach Level 150.
    3. I want to make in the top 50 in Farmer's League.
    4. I want to become 1st in the Worldwide Championship.
    5. I want my Dockyard to be fully equipped with Trawlers.
    6. I want to become first in a Hardworker Event.

    Post edited by FuriousFarmer07 (IN1) on
  • FeNiX (IN1)FeNiX (IN1) IN1 Posts: 3

    Resolution 2021

    In 2021 i would like to make my 2nd colossal also level 9 save gfs and buy at least 500k wwc coins to make tropical cows make water level 5 in the gourmet farm make dazzling duck level 9 and try to reach at least level 350 (currently at level 220) and try to improve my ranking in the reputation rankings after my finals (12th boards) and try to come in top5 in every festive and viking farm event smile and try to get a good rank in all the contests on the forum smiley so that i can use the rewards to improve my farm and make it the best smiley 

    Kind regards

  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    edited 15.01.2021

    My resolutions are simple!

    Keep leveling as much as possible, and make as many dollars as possible! ( maybe at least 10Billions ) 

    Maybe , to reach overall rank 1 for achievment leaderboard ( but that one will be tough ) :)

    That's about it !

    Oh and to keep developing new idea's/concepts with @The Best King (INT1)

    Oh boy i forgot , I have to re-organize/re-arrange my gourmet farm ( but , im being very hopeful , i so not feel like it )

    Maybe in 2025 :D
    Post edited by Exxy (INT1) on
  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,639
    edited 15.01.2021
    hello to you all
    lets see... my goals for 2021

    I want to buy all the new land! (high on my priority list)
    I want Lester's secret stash at maximum level (level 80 )
    I want Matilda's academy at maximum level (level 100)
    A laboraty at least level 40 (I would have said 100 but I try to be realistic  :D  :D )
    All water towers at level 5 
    I really really really want to fill my deco tower
    (what can I say, I have a thing for decos , its my weakness and I want to win them all!!!!)
    A colossal cowshed (I have won the other two)
    Fullfill all books at my library (oh... ok I'll compromise with level 8  :D:D )
    I really want the free range appearance for my Farmhouse (main farm)
    (not sure this is what is called in english, the one that looks like a hobits house ha ha ha )
    Make my kite level 100!!!  (58% now)
    Have bilions and billions and billions of dolars (they are never enough ;) )
    Continue taking part in contests (love having fun!)
    and last but not least... keep helping teemates and everyone that needs advise and help
    used to do it a lot in my forum,nowadays only in the game,there is no greater satisfaction than helping others  :) 

    Well, some of my goals are for ... 2031 I think ha ha ha
    but I plan to still be here playing so one must have motives and goals in their lives to continue  :D    
    Good luck to everyone!

  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612
    Just to make it clear, players are free to respond to the resolutions they like with a like/lol.

  • Blue Denim (US1)Blue Denim (US1) US1 Posts: 5,253
    My 2021 Resolution's are>

    1. To continue to add to My Decoration Tower.
    2. To be able to open up & add more decoration's to My Decoration Park.
    3. To be able to get more gold for My farm's without having to buy it. ( Free-to-Play)
    4. To be able to finish the Holiday Event's this time around
    5. I wish to finish My last 2 Cat Tree's on My Gourmet & Flower Farm's.
    6. Make it to level 100 , & still play at end of this year.
    7. To be able to open up more land on My farm's  in order to place stuff from storage.
    8. To improve My farm's & fishing area's . 
    9. To finally get a Kite even though I am not in a Coop.
    10 . To wish everyone in Big Farm a Happy & safe Year for 2021.

  • ChickadeeQuilterChickadeeQuilter Guest Posts: 967
    edited 15.01.2021
    My Big Farm Wish for 2021 is that everyone, especially Big Farm players, who wants will be able to be fully COVID-19+ Vaccinated.  I want everyone to be healthy and happy while playing Big Farm.  <3

    P.s.  this is not a contest entry.
  • GOO (SKN1)GOO (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 240
    edited 16.01.2021
    Surprise Surprise ;)

    My Big Farm resolution for 2021 is that I will get my collection of animal balloons decorations completed and finalize it with Gary the Goat balloon :)

    Happy and better New Year 2021 to all!
  • diksh (IN1)diksh (IN1) IN1 Posts: 30
    In 2021,
    I wish to have all trawlers that to level 6 in fishing region,
    have fun with my coop while playing all the events,
    play big farm game while also not ignoring my studies,
    want to get 50/50 rewards in pleasure park,
    make a really colorful and beautiful farms with quite diversity :)
  • Anmarie (HU1)Anmarie (HU1) HU1 Posts: 55
    My only resolution for 2021 is to understand the horse breading and to get a 2nd generation horse,
  • K1826274 (US1)K1826274 (US1) US1 Posts: 22
    2021 resolutions:
    1. To find a cooperative to join (I still haven’t joined one)
    2. To get my horses to a breeding value over ten
    3. To complete  all of the quests that I’ve been secretly ignoring
    4. To get more badges
    5. To upgrade the all of the training courses for my horses 
  • istasakhi (INT1)istasakhi (INT1) INT1 Posts: 15
    • I wish, the new things that Big Farm will be bringing should build and upgrade up to the maximum.
    • So, for that need to play events for gold.
    •  Need to upgrade Matilda up to 55.
    • Should increase the lvl of Lester somewhat.
    • Should catch Fishes in less time.
    • Should upgrade Farm Lab.
    • Should maintain Happiness in the farms for dollars.
              Pl.Note: Big Farm should build a spl building for happiness , when it completely filled with happiness then            only it should allow upgrades and workers then there will be no shortage of dollars.
    • Each and everything should be sold in the Market.
    • I should be building Large Buildings for the events running now, like CC,CHWE,Gold Fish Rescue,Decho event.
    • I should get all the gold from the farm itself to buy all lands.
    • I wish to get gold from Hokus Pokus at least once in 3 months.
    • I wish for gold from Baloon at least once in 6 months.
    • Should upgrade the gold ornaments in the farm at least to some extent.
    • All farms should upgrade up to maximum.
    • All the survivors on my farm should never be hungry.
    • I wish everyone should play Big Farm and enjoy the fun in the game.
               Pl.Note:  It is hard to enter into the chick chalet, pig palace, cow community all buildings like this for collecting items and give feed. It would be nice to collect and feed directly on buildings like others.
  • -Reach lvl 120 and build trawlers
    -Reach 1 billion cash
    -Expand the gourmet farm more
    -Get into platinum league in almost all horse tournaments
  • landghe (SKN1)landghe (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 93
    My resolutions for 2021:
    - I would like to complete a temporary island, to reach beyond chapter 1.
    - To reach more levels in the parking lot events (without using to much cash or gold)
    - Sometimes I would like to get the reward in the searching events without having to buy it
    - I have never completed a level in the Three weddings and a rigmarole event, maybe it will happen this year 
    - I would like to reach beyond the gold league in the horse tournament
    - I wish for more balloon tokens
    - I desire more piglet and balloon decorations and the free fall tower decoration

  • mine are to have fun, and
    rearage my farm,
    to increse lesters secret stash.
  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612
    edited 22.01.2021
    We hardly have two days left to pack this up, so please consider this as a reminder if you are still preparing your entries or plan to enter.

    ~ Your EN BM Team  <3
  • ninjahuman (AU1)ninjahuman (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,526
    Mine are:

    To completely upgrade all of my themed duck coops
    To get my wildflower handbook to level 7
    To complete A Hint of Hawaii for the final speed task decoration (will be done in a few days)
    To get one more dazzling duck coop for a second duck community
    To get the new expansions and place new buildings on them
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    My 2021 Resolution's are
     Try to be more understanding with the game
     - hate those forced/blackmail ads! Yes I know there are ad blockers available 1 can use to stop them - we should not have to in order to play - they could easily set up a PTC section & pay us to check out ads! They get revenue - we get a few gold coins per ad based on the length of the ad. Sounds like a win win to me?! Maybe an idea for that 4th Farm they promised us some 6 years ago lol

    Try to warn more lower level players how not to fall into the traps of the game
     - Temp Farms available at player level 30 Really?!!

    Keep avoiding that CC until they get better rewards & don't run it every other event with other group events at the same time 
     hope they change the pay out to work like the VF - where if a member does not help they do not get any of the rewards. This just may be the motivation to get more folks doing group events run one at a time.

    Hopefully be around another year with the game 
     8 & counting ;) Check my join date   https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/profile/Data%20King%20%28US1%29
  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612
    edited 25.01.2021
    It's time to wrap this up.

    Thank you for the participation everyone, one of us will be declaring the results soon , stay tuned o:)
  • BugsBunnyBugsBunny Moderator, Guest Posts: 1,612


    1) Jenny1979 (GR1) - 4000 Gold (3 Votes)
    2)  landghe (SKN1) - 3000 Gold (2 Votes)
    3)  ADHVAITH (IN1) - 3000 Gold (2 Votes)

     4) ninjahuman (AU1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
     5) antigone6 (US1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    6)  Blue Denim (US1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    7)  Bill John (US1) -  1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    8)  The Best King (INT1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    9)  diksh (IN1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    10)  K182674 (US1)  - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)
    11)  goo (SKN1) - 1000 Gold  (1 Vote)

    Participation Prize

    FeNiX (INT1) - 500 Gold
    Alaa Ali (INT1) - 500 Gold
    Exxy (INT1) - 500 Gold
    Anmarie (HU1) - 500 Gold
    istasakhi (INT1) - 500 Gold
    dapikalman (US1) - 500 Gold
    Letty.liongamez (GB1) - 500 Gold
    ninjahuman (AU1) - 500 Gold
    Data King (US1) - 500 Gold

    We hope you all enjoyed the contest, if you have participated and if your name is missing from the list, please let of us know.

    Best Wishes,
    @BugsBunny @ChickadeeQuilter @RosyStarling

  • Congrats to all the winners :)

    Thanks for the great contest as well :wink:

  • 24K Mayhem (US1)24K Mayhem (US1) US1 Posts: 494
    Congrats Winners~!
    Thank you  so much for the fun contests!!
  • ninjahuman (AU1)ninjahuman (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,526
    Thank you for the prize and congrats to all the winners!
  • harden21 (US1)harden21 (US1) US1 Posts: 32
    Big Congrats to all the winners!!

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