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New Handbook format, maybe a 'you farmed this amount of {insert}, only this much more to {upgrade}'?

danko (AU1)danko (AU1) AU1 Posts: 20
edited 31.08.2020 in Suggestions
Maybe considering the new handbooks and how I am sure not many people are willing to spend probably thousands of dollars on the new books, i'd like to consider the Dev's see this. Maybe add a new levelling system for books for the levels past 7? for example: You have to collect a certain amount of the item(as like achievements), and then you can get the book at 90% off for perhaps for free. Also i could assume, for the numbers needed this will be a huge amount, but at least give us this option because it gives us purpose to farm like crazy and hopefully get the books after a while.

Also has anyone yet considering a different way of Pay2Win? for example: Why couldn't the last levels of the book contain a dollar option. Even if it is 1,000,000,000+, that would still be reasonable. I'd probably be underestimating there.

This is just a suggestion as because I'm sure GGS like their paychecks, while most of us could be struggling, especially with Covid. No bad feelings though.

I guess for now, good luck for everyone saving up for the new books, maybe the update on the 2nd of September could change this. Only time will tell.


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