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Contest - Puzzle - Summer!

edited 24.06.2020 in Contests & Awards

Greetings everyone!

Our moderator team came up, with a Jigsaw contest!

You have to complete the jigsaw the fastest as possible
You will also have to post your result/time in this time thread , with respective user name on the website
For your entry to be valid !

You will have to register on the Jigsaw Website
Its also important, that you do not change the quantity of pieces , and the actual puzzle!


We will reward 1500 gold to the top 10 times :)

We will also reward 750 gold to everyone who post a valid entry
Means that u will have to post your times on the thread , with a matching result

The picture of rewards, is Goldflower seeds , for those that would not know :)

The contest will end on July 6 , 6AM CEST :)


PS: The same contest is running on Bulgarian forums , You can only participate in either the EN or BG one
We will discredit anyone that tries to win in both contests ! :) Have Fun!
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