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Contest - Big Farm Adventures

edited 31.05.2020 in Contests & Awards
Greetings everyone!

Here is a contest made to be not too complicated to participate in!

We will offer multiple choices of action for different categories, and you select 1 from each category!
We will have attributed a hidden score to all the options, so final score will be fairly random.
We will offer the possibility for people to participate twice, aka, creating 2 adventure lines!

1:Character:  A:Tessa   B:Oleg   C:Eva    D :Lester   E:Steve

2:Breakfast: A:Omelettes   B:Croissants   C:Cereal   D:Toast   E:Pancakes

3:Beverage: A:Coffee   B:Juice   C:Milk    D:Tea    E:Hot Chocolate

4:In the morning:
A:Brushed the cows   B:Harvested the fields   C:Visited the town   D:Went fishing   E:Fed the pigs

5:In the afternoon: A:Chopped tree's  B:Removed rocks  C:Planted new seeds  D:Watered flowers   E:Went Hunting

6: In the evening: A:Listened to music   B:Watched TV   C:Browsed the Internet   D:Simply relaxed    E:Visited friends

So basically, you have to pick 1 choice from each 6 category's!

You are can post up to 2 Entries!

We will split a prize of pool of 50,000 Gold between the top scorers!
We will determine the quantity of winners based on final results

The contest duration will be 2 weeks and will end on June 15th, 6AM CEST

Who will manage to get the best adventure possible! :)
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  • Yayaburra (AU1)Yayaburra (AU1) AU1 Posts: 9
    edited 29.05.2020
    My best friend Steve recently invested in a farm, he wanted a sea change from his CEO job, so sitting on the porch eating his favourite breakfast vegemite on toast, with a mug of hot chocolate contemplating  what to do on this fine morning, so firstly he harvested the fields,in the afternoon he planted new seeds. Dusk came rolling in, time to head back home, have some dinner & watch TV 
  • walle (INT1)walle (INT1) INT1 Posts: 420
    I and my friend Lester each morning eat croissant together then drink coffee, before that to go visited town, 
    after visited on town, we will back to planted new seeds in my garden, yes my friend lester helps me with each work on garden, when the sun has set is time for listened music. 
    Good night my friend Lester see you tomorrow, we have much work!
  • Oleg the fisherman and I had pancakes early in the morning for breakfast, the food of choice for a fisherman. We finished with a nice cup of coffee and then went fishing just as the sun was rising. In the afternoon, after a successful fishing trip, we sowed new seeds in all my fields. Then, after a long day of hard work, we simply relaxed in rocking chairs on the front lawn.
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
    1. E
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 611
    Watching the sunrise, Lester ate his toast and coffee.
    "Let's see" he thought, "I'm feeling lazy today, I think I'll go fishing instead of plowing that field."
    So off he went with his rod & pail, with his little dog following behind. As they passed Eva's farm, he noticed her flowers looked a little droopy.
    They had a lovely, lazy day fishing; Lester drowsing in the sunshine, while the little dog chased butterflies.
    When he was hungry, he picked a few apples to go along with the sandwiches. 
    The little dog wasn't interested in the apples but happily shared the sandwiches.
    In the afternoon Lester scooped up some water in his pail, put the string of fish over his shoulder and called the little dog to go home.
    As they passed Eva's farm, he poured the pail of water around her bed of droopy flowers.
    "The pail was too heavy" he said. (He didn't want anyone to know he wasn't really a crabby man.)
    He fried the fish when he got home, and shared it with the little dog as they both fell asleep in front of the tv.
  • Yayaburra (AU1)Yayaburra (AU1) AU1 Posts: 9
    edited 30.05.2020
    Today Eva has a full day, starting with a nice breakfast of ham & cheese croissants with warm milk fresh from her cows. Next the cows need brushing down, followed by the garden that requires some attention & watering the flowers they need some loving too. Then Eva has been asked by her neighbour to join her in a wholesome homemade dinner & simply relax, enjoying a warm cosy fireplace.
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  • 1. C
    2. E
    3. C
    4. B
    5. E
    6. A

  • 1. A
    2. B
    3. E
    4. D
    5. E
    6. D

  • Emperor AY (INT1)Emperor AY (INT1) INT1 Posts: 244
    Let's get it continue  :)

    While we were watching TV, the announcer appeared on the screen and said  : <<We apologize to the viewers for cutting this broadcast :( to inform the citizens that a strong storm will blow tonight with heavy thunderstorms. :s We ask you to commit to your homes until the storm passes :# >>

    oh :o  He is the sinister broadcaster always bringing the bad news.  :(
    We closed the doors and windows of the stables so that the animals were safe. Then we entered the house and made sure that the doors and windows were closed as well, then we continued watching the movie. B)

    The midnight hour came and the wind started blowing, the rains fell, thunder and lightning ... It was terrifying ... it seems that the mother nature is angry tonight   >:)
    Hours passed and the situation remained the same until the sun rose and the weather improved. o:)

    Before I went out to check on the animals, I heard someone knock on the door :/ I opened and saw Tessa crying  :'( and screaming :o and complaining :s  Steve, who was preparing breakfast, heard her voice and he rushed  

    Steve << What's wrong, Tessa, why are you crying? >>
    Tessa <<  Oh, uncle Steve, it's a disaster.The storm destroyed everything on my farm >>
    Steve <<Awww :o this is really sad :/ but don’t worry it will be all right >>

    Steve promised to fix everything.  ;) It's breakfast time, we had some cereal with cow's milk that was terrified :#
    Then we drove to Tissa Farm.

    ..................We arrived at 10:00 am and Oh my god :o The stone fence surrounding the farm shattered and damaged field crops It was a terrible sight  :( Hard work awaits us here. 
    But  friends came to help. Benny, Lester, Johnny, my uncle George, my aunt Matilda , Eva and  Doctor Vicky

    We started to harvest field crops that survived. Only a little corn and wheat. 
    12:00 time to have lunch  My aunt Matilda and her assistants prepared us delicious food :)  :p
    After that we removed rocks , Vicky was treating the affected animals. 

    After a few hours, everything returned better than  before
    That was another hard & great day more than yesterday  ;)

    In the evening We were very tired from work :| so we simply relaxed  :) ........

    My choices are written in bold type

  • didah (SKN1)didah (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 1,246

    Tessa simply loved these beautiful sunny mornings, where the birds were singing and where she would sit at her porch finishing the last of her Pancakes, while watching the new flowerbed she just finished last night.  A palet of flowers in sunny colours, placed a big smile on her face…she was happy-so happy!

    She had worked like mad, all day yesterday – she had barely had time to stop and drink the beverage she so enjoyed every day in the early afternoon! - The juice she made from the big apple trees, further back in the yard – they made a beautiful red frame around her yard.

    – As she drank the juice, she instantly felt the energy spread throughout her very bones and she knew right there, that this would be the most fantastic day and before the sun set she would have made the most amazing area of colour full beautiful flowers !

    She had taken her bicycle when she visited town to get the seeds she needed.

     They were all Sunflower seeds. Not only the yellow ones, we already know – no, she had found seeds with Sunflowers of all colours, and she knew she had to have them.

    She also knew they were fast growing – they had that ‘magic grow’ sign on it right next to the ‘on sale’ sign.

    She had hurried back from town, eager to plant the new seeds.

    She had planted new seeds all afternoon, singing along with the birds, she had only stopped to drink some more of that delicious juice – she just needed to be done – then tomorrow it would all be joy.

    When she was done, she went straight to take a shower, had a fast meal and decided to take a quiet and simply relaxed evening at home - within minutes she fell asleep.

    So while finishing her Pancakes while enjoying yesterdays work, she was thinking…what should today bring? – she headed to the apple trees and decided to let the energy decide…..

  • Barbiecharm (IN1)Barbiecharm (IN1) IN1 Posts: 5,242
    edited 03.06.2020
    Tessa woke up to the sound of birds chirping. She climbed out of her bed and got ready for the day. She decided to put on her pink shirt with long sleeves and jeans and she braided her hair because she always hated wearing her hair down. Then she put on her cowboy hat and went to the kitchen. She decided to make omelettes and poured some milk from the fridge. Tessa likes cold milk and warm omelettes. The aroma of pepper began to fill the kitchen and it made her mouth water. She put an omelette on her plate and ate, her attention soon captured by the sensations of the pepper and melted cheese in her mouth. Then she put the dishes in the sink, rinsed her mouth, adjusted her cowboy hat and walked out of the house.
     She started walking to the field for harvesting the corns. Tessa saw her fellow farmers and she smiled at them and they smiled back, Tessa always charmed people with her talking and smiling and her beautiful singing. When she reached the field she was so happy to see her corns. She started harvesting the fields. After sometime she looked up to find some birds eating her corns. She ran to chase away the birds but they keep coming back. She didn't know what to do. As she looked around for a solution she saw a scarecrow she called Peter when she was little. So she placed Peter in the middle of the field. Satisfied with the solution she looked around to find almost all the birds disappeared. As the morning began to end she finally harvested the fields. 
      She decided to have her lunch as she was tired from her morning adventure. Tessa sat near the pond and ate the sandwich she brought from home. As the afternoon rolled in, she decided to water her wildflowers as they began to get dried from the afternoon sun. As she watered flowers she started singing. After watering the flowers Tessa turned around to see her friend Lilly watering the crops near her, as the day was hot she decided to prank her friend. Tessa sprayed the water in the direction of Lilly. Lilly turned around and saw Tessa laughing and both started spraying water towards each other. They never complained as the day was very hot. Finally, they gave up and Tessa decided to call it a day. They both started walking home in both directions and after reaching home Tessa got in her pond and she simply relaxed. 
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  • edited 03.06.2020
    I find it interesting that a Daily Spud Correspondent thinks BEADED is an Adventure Story. <3 
    but reluctantly they are 2 valid entries  :p

    Ps: Thank you for entering @RunsWivScissors (GB1), Scissors, I realize you are busy with those amazing signatures you create.

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  • Tessa ate omelettes and coffee for breakfast. In the morning she brushed cows, in the afternoon, she removed rocks. In the evening, she visited friends.
  • Tessa Had Pancakes and Hot Chocolate for breakfast then she went out and brushed the cows to make them look good. After dinner she watered the flowers and tidied the farm later in the day she went to visit friends.

    Steve got up late and had a lazy meal of Croissants  and milk then set to work and Harvested the fields  after lunch he Planted new seeds and the In the evening he relaxed and Listened to music   

  • Barbiecharm (IN1)Barbiecharm (IN1) IN1 Posts: 5,242
  • Oleg has just arrived and we are going to have an adventure.  We're starting small.  Since Oleg consumes a lot of Toast, fish and Coffee for breakfast, we switch things up by having Omelettes and Milk.

    "Delicious", Oleg proclaims, "Hey matey, let's brush the cows and feed the chickens to thank them for their bounty".  After feeding the chickens, we Brushed the cows creating a dust storm that caused a brownish tinge on nearby flowers.

    "Shiver me timbers this will not do", Oleg said and he was off to fetch the hose.  We Watered flowers all afternoon until their colorful display was restored; then, for good measure, we Removed rocks and Planted new seeds. They waved their thanks in the gentle breeze.

    When evening came we Simply relaxed, Listened to music and Watched TV.  I even Browsed the Internet and played a bit of Big Farm to top things off.

    As we parted ways Oleg said,

    "May good luck be your Captain
    and sunshine be your Mate

    May laughter be your Pilot
    and happiness be your freight"
  • 1. B
    2. A
    3. C
    4. A
    5. D
    6. D
  • sylciafi (PL1)sylciafi (PL1) PL1 Posts: 319
  • landghe (SKN1)landghe (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 93
  • Exxy (INT1)Exxy (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,602
    edited 06.06.2020


    Thanks for pointing out that there is no F choice Emperor Ay :) ha ha Silly me 

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  • rsny (US1)rsny (US1) US1 Posts: 2,294

  • CIN SOON (INT1)CIN SOON (INT1) INT1 Posts: 136
  • 1) B
    2) E
    3) A
    4) D
    5) E
    6) D
  • 1) C
    2) B
    3) D
    4) C
    5) D
    6) E
  • mudman9 (US1)mudman9 (US1) US1 Posts: 15

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