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A new community manager appears!

Ahoy Farmers,

I’m CM_Mystletainn and will be your new Community Manager for the beautiful game that is Big Farm. I recently started at GGS and returned to Germany in August last year after some years abroad in England and Ireland. 

The gaming industry used to be my home before so I am super stoked to finally work with video games again, which was something I wanted to do for a while now. In the past I was more on the journalistic side of the medium, writing reviews and translating news for different websites as well as doing QA. 

When I am not doing something related to gaming, I like travelling around the world, watching movies/tv shows, listening to music and going to concerts. The next one is this weekend and I’m already excited. 

My goal as CM is to be as active around here as possible with my schedule and to do my best so we can all get along and be happy farmers. If you have any questions/requests/feedback, my ear is always open, although it might take some time to immediately get back to everyone.

Rock ‘n Roll, 



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