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I was wondering if GGS could make the timing of the Red and Orange Spots selectable by the leader of the Co-Op..?

We think that one week is a little too short, and the leader only wants to boot out farmers who have been inactive for over three weeks.  If we could select the timings, then it would be easier to manage.


  • holidayrox (US1)holidayrox (US1) US1 Posts: 328
    last time logged into the game would be great
  • andy123321 (INT1)andy123321 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 117
    If you could select the time periods, then we could set..

    Green....  Online
    White....  Up to 2 days offline
    Yellow...  2 to 7 days offline
    Orange..  7 to 21 days offline
    Red....     21 or more days offline

    Or any other numbers to suit your Coop Leader's requirements.

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